Coronavirus Is Getting Worse – Here Is What You MUST Do!

(COVID-19) Coronavirus Is Getting Worse – Here Is What You MUST Do To Stay Safe & Healthy! Corona cases are on the rise. Here is what you have to do to avoid getting sick.


🔷 CoronaVirus: Top 10 Vitamin C Immune Boosting Foods You Must Eat

🔷 CoronaVirus Symptoms & When You Should See A Doctor:

🔷 CoronaVirus: Effects No One Talks About? Here’s What You Must Do:

🔷 Doctor Explains THE TRUTH about the novel Coronavirus:

Welcome to Coronavirus (COVID-19) Series by Dr. Sten Ekberg; a series where I try to tackle the most important health issues of the day in a natural and safe way. If you have suggestion for the next topic leave your comment below. Remember to make your comments positive and uplifting even if you disagree with something that was said by me or others.

🔷 CoronaVirus (COVID-19) Series: CoronaVirus: Top 10 Vitamin C Immune Boosting Foods You Must Eat


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  1. Another way to vastly upgrade genetic expression is heart-brain coherence. Dr Joe Dispenser has said that in four days of doing the 3 min Heart Coherence exercise will strengthen the immunity by 50%. He said this is worth more that any man-made vaccine.

  2. It's a bio weapon, it attacks the lungs. I have asthma and am older and……fat, so I've been out walking and eat lots of veg and some fruit, watch your videos. It's 2021 and it still here. 😒 turn off worry, sigh.

  3. Dr. Ekberg, thank You so much, I am free of my depression thanks to your "why", I need to understand to be able to implement whatever is good for me. I have been following your advice on intermittent fasting, keto diet, HIIT, yoga… for 3 months now. I only wish I had known your channel earlier. thank you so MUCH 🙂

  4. Detox intermitting fasting healthy living & good food water suplements teas and out of the box modalities – and most important No vaccines of any type like the flue shot coovid 19 vaccines covid tests & disposable masks they All have graphene oxide parasites aluminium in nano form – Blessed It Be.

  5. Good Dr with the Delta variant being much more transmittable has your advice or views on things like vaccine and children going to school changed? Children now appear to be affected and spreading it when they congregate with a multiplier effect on their contacts. Like your work.

  6. odd. You are saying T cells and antibodies are needed for this immunization process and then saying socially distance and mask up, but how do they activate if they do not know the virus is around? Also i love how you have consistently acknowledged that chronic stress has a high affect on a persons immunization system, and acknowledge that needs to stop. What is your thinking associated with the stress and paranoia that is being propagated by media and government programs and how that would affect peoples immunization system? I also love how you quoted the Swedish studies, but is it not true that Sweden did not have a lock down and did not use masks?

  7. I love your videos, but I don’t see how you can trust these statistics when you’ve proven that almost all statistics put out by the government regarding health to be false. ?? I’m am still unconvinced and very skeptical regarding info of the corona virus and death rate.

  8. how can i believe your previous video's if it looks like you are controled by same media who are spreading fake news about a virus that is created in a lab (probably in the USA) herd immunity has never been a problem.. and i have been in so many discothecs in my life.. everyone was having fun and no one.. "NO ONE" got sick (besides a headache the next morning).. so explain why this has changed overnight.. i am not sorry to say i withdraw my sucbscription..

  9. Thank you for your understanding and bringing that forward in this video! I appreciate science to be able to formulate a vaccine solution, but everyone seems to be jumping all over this 'bandage solution'. A 'quick-fix' solution is no substitute for a different and healthy lifestyle change. I realize that the vaccine will help the elderly people who are more susceptible and I want to do my part, but not thrilled about taking in "an untested vaccine".

  10. If your countries population is say 100 million you need around 60 million people to become infected for the virus to stop spreading. You can lock down, wear masks, wash your hands, unsocially distance until the cows come home but as events have proved since this video was made you won’t outwit or evade the ultimate requirement for 60 million people to become infected. The virus surges again each time when lock downs are opened up. Meanwhile you have incurred all the collateral damage to public health and destroyed the Western economy for generations to come. Not only that but you have not given the elderly and sick an advantage by allowing them to mitigate while everyone else got on with life as normal and brought forward herd immunity much more quickly. Children were protected by closing schools whereas nursing homes were not protected properly killing many thousands. Children didn’t need protection. There are vaccines now but at the beginning it could not have been predicted that vaccine development would have succeeded. If another virus emerges next year do we do all this again. NO not feasible, nor was it the first time.

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