Coronavirus Outbreak. Can We Stop The Spread In Time? #StayHome

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Lockdown? Is Your Country At Its Peak Death Rate? Doctor Exberg explains what has happened, where we are and what we should do to stay safe from the Coronavirus. President Donald Trump said he would consider locking down some cities in the United States, but later decided against it. Should we lock down more? How bad will the coronavirus outbreak get?


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  1. Sadly Dr. Ekberg, on this issue you have swallowed the blue pill.
    What you should do and should be allowed by YouTube to do is explore treatments that are alternative to what is being pushed by government and mainstream media.
    Are you going to stay hiding in your home and wear a mask the rest of your life? Do you really believe these are two sustainable ideas …. Oh, right … I get it … just till we flatten the curve …. well … it has been about 18 months since you posted this video and all I am hearing is ever more Draconian measures being introduced.
    Don't be a dupe for the government on this issue.

  2. Now Sweden has no second wave and herd immunity is obvious at work today (end October 2020). My wife and I have always believed that herd immunity would work and we deliberately went out and caught the virus in February 2020 and now walk fearlessly (with masks to protect others but not ourselves) amongst the people. Of course we keep away from the vulnerable too. It’s also clear to us that the obese are also highly vulnerable.

    Now the big question is what will happen next time. We are determined not to go through lockdown because it really wrecked our health more than the virus.

  3. one other thing dr ekberg. one we do not hear of on the news or anywhere else only the spanish fly due to the destructiveness it caused. 1956 the "first" asian flu emerged from china and hit the world. it hit all the countries same as now. hit the u.s. with over 100,000 deaths. took 1 year for a vaccine to be created. just about the same issues as we are currently dealing with. glad to see your series of videos on this issue. we arent going to hear what you mentioned from them as advice to the public. whether it be they just do not care or wish to tell, or it be that they feel its common sense and do not have to mention it, glad to see someone say what you did.

  4. I had to watch it again an saw Patrick. I loved to watch spongebob with my neice…..ok and on my own too. We should never forget about our inner child
    Stay safe everyone Thank you Dr. E. 😊

  5. People are still talking about wearing masks but doctors say there is no need if you're not sick. The mask is to protect other people, not you! Also, if you don't know how to dispose of it properly, you are endangering other people's life!
    My maternal grand-mother survived the Spanish Flu. Most of her family died. She was in her early twenties.
    I love your graphs. It helps me understand. Here in Canada, the numbers are still low but we had our first death connected with COVID-19 on March 31st in our city and it affected a lot of the citizens, mainly mentally. TFS, Nicole

  6. Has anyone even considered that China might be overstating their numbers in order to drive panic, and drive down economies, they are buying up our stocks.

  7. Prophylaxis. Once they get to the point where they are prescribing the French treatment at the ONSET of SYMPTOMs, there is no need for social distancing at all. Back to normal.

  8. 😷 50.000 died World Wide from the Corona Virus, so far 😳 This is really really bad. Though .. could you show us the numbers for people just in the US ((just US) who past away from side effects, after using prescribed drougs as the doctor told. Just the side effects, no abuse or anything else.

  9. Since very few people have been tested (compared to totall populations)we have no way of knowing how many is actually infected. Also mixing in deaths from regular flu and similar conditions makes this terrible reflected in most media coverage. Staying at home will just prolong the longevity of this and that seems like the purpose of this scare. 2009 tried the same but didn't work now they don't again. People lack healthy reasoning

  10. Dr. Ekberg, You are such a breath of fresh air and a light at the end of the tunnel! You have an amazing ability to explicate complex issues. Thank you, so much, for all that you do. Stay safe. Be well. Be blessed (however you interpret that).❤🙏

  11. You absolutely can't trust the numbers coming from the CCP. For one, they haven't included asymptomatic positives in their reporting. There is no free press in that country whatsoever. People are disappeared for speaking out. Even doctors are now missing. Western journalists have been kicked out. Doubtful we'll ever know the true death toll there.

  12. I appreciate and enjoy your videos but you cant use China's numbers because they obviously lie by a magnitude of 10x to 40x. I sure you know that and should at least mention that as a possibility.

  13. Australia is working on flattening the curve and it's working but I think we are ramping up to a full lock down, perhaps the government is going into an elimination strategy now

  14. Sten, you obviously buy into the "statistics." That was your first big mistake. You will never figure it out relying on data coming from the fake experts, who contradict evidence.

  15. Number of cases depends basically only on how many you test. The virus it's not the main problem. The problem is secondary complications as bacterial pneumonia. USA is in a bad condition because of too much resistant bacterias and unhealthy overweighted people. Tough time on the east coast.

  16. I wonder what would have happened if the "Government" had mandated that everyone eat a ketogenic diet, rich in seafood and pasture-raised eggs and meat, along with taking Vitamin C and D, and drinking green tea, while avoiding processed food and added sugar. Could have saved everybody's 401k and stopped the virus in it's tracks!

  17. The figures are not accurate. In the UK they are not carrying out mass testing only a select few whereas Germany are carrying out half a million tests per day. The UK numbers are just the tip of the iceberg. I can't speak for what is going on in other countries.

  18. 🤔 Sure you can stop the new Corona Virus. You guys have The Best Hospitals, dont you 🤷🏻‍♂️
    This is going to be a very expensive test I guess. Will GM be able to produce all these ventilators? Else some German car companies are able to help, maybe CPAPs could do thhe job for some people. This is really a new 9-11 situation for health care.

  19. just wondering, everybody is talking about a "peak" But we aren't testing every one. could part of this peak be that we are now just finding out for sure who has it? It seems that if we tested everyone the infection rate would likely sky rocket but i'm going to guess the death rate would not.

  20. Dr. Ekberg,…..hasn't the number of cases gone up a lot because we are getting more testing done? Not just because more people are getting infected? We are getting a lot more data! Some people may have had it many months ago too, we don't even know that yet!

  21. Can you do a report about the Hydroxycloroquine(Plaquenil), Azythromiacin regimen so more people are aware of it. Perhaps review a trial of a doctors use and his results. Thanks for your time and expertise.

  22. Your bias against Potus is clearly Shown . You used most of this to scare people and emphasisze that WE want to act near the beginning of the crisis. You then go on past the WE part , completely bypassing the actual acts done by Potus to keep the virus from coming into the nation ! The reason the virus ramp up in cases came so late compared to some other nations was a direct result of Potus banning travel from China And then banning European travel when it appeared Italy was having a severe problem appearing. Potus was roundly criticized as being a bigot and against Chinese and Europeans for his bans ! While making this great scare video you completely failed to give any credit to Potus for his wise actions protecting The United States . His actions saved millions of lives and you could not bear the thought of giving him any credit.

  23. The accuracy of total case numbers by country also depend on how many people are being tested in each country; whether tests conducted are reliable; and most important of all, whether the authorities doing the tests and reporting them are honest. We should be extremely skeptical of results reported by authoritarian regimes like China and Iran.

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