CoronaVirus Symptoms vs Flu vs Cold & When Should You See A Doctor?

Coronavirus Symptoms vs Flu vs Cold vs Allergies. Which one do you have and is it time to see a doctor? Severe acute respiratory syndrome-related coronavirus 2, which causes the disease called COVID-19, and that everyone simply calls Coronavirus has spread around the world at a time when the flu, virus, pneumonia and colds are everywhere and now we experiencing Spring/Fall, depending on where you live, when allergies are at their peak. If you are not feeling well see which one of these symptoms you have from a cough, sneeze, nausea, pain, etc. See if you have the signs and symptoms of the Coronavirus and learn what you should do next.


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🔷 Signs and Symptoms Series:


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  1. Thank you Dr. Ekberg….You are gifted at presenting information in a clear and easy to understand manner. Your visuals adds so much and address different learning styles. You are very fit looking and have a very clear, soothing voice which is comforting to listen to. Merci beaucoup.

  2. Hi Dr. Sten, thanks for your Video, one of the best explanations I have heard so far. My wife and I have been regularly or periodically using colloidal silver in a nebuliser for over 10 years. We also use the silver in nasal sprays just as a measure to clear out any unwanted stuff.

    We both have not had a flu within those ten years. Of course we do practise a high level of hygiene and health that is why we love your videos. However, we were wondering what your stance is on the use of silver whether it be in a nebuliser or nasal spray?

  3. Since they discovered viruses they really don't know for sure how they spread. The notion that they spread from person to person is just hypothesis nothing for sure. Viruses are part of our dna

  4. Dear Doctor Thank You for the work You do for us ❤❤❤ could you please make a video about allergy " season allergy ".. ( expecialy' from spring to the end of the summer) ☹☹
    Is it possible to live without allergy !!.((( or its for forever .
    Thank you ❤!!!

  5. Hello Doctor I have a question please I was staying at home for 3 weeks but now I have only just starting dry cough do you think is this corona virus?
    Or cuz of I'm smoking to much it's happened this to me?
    I'm so confused🤔🤔🤔

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