Coronavirus Vaccine vs Herd Immunity – Which Is Better? (Is Sweden Wrong?)

Are you waiting for a coronavirus vaccine so you can start living again? Sweden is being criticized for pursuing herd immunity to combat the Coronavirus, but is there something to that ? The concept of herd immunity is typically described in the context of a vaccine. When enough people are vaccinated, a pathogen cannot spread easily through the population. Coronavirus Vaccine vs Herd Immunity – Which Is Better? (Is Sweden Wrong?) COVID-19 Find out in this video what the best option for you when dealing with the Coronavirus.


🔷 CoronaVirus: Top 10 Vitamin C Immune Boosting Foods You Must Eat

🔷 CoronaVirus Symptoms & When You Should See A Doctor:

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🔷 Doctor Explains THE TRUTH about the novel Coronavirus:

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🔷 CoronaVirus (COVID-19) Series: CoronaVirus: Top 10 Vitamin C Immune Boosting Foods You Must Eat


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  1. Thank you for talking sense. I QUALIFIED AS AN OCCUPATIONAL THERAPIST IN 1957. This is what we were taught then – though not in such good detail – this seems to have been forgotten. Divide and rule. Face masks are lethal. They are a political scam. to take over responsibility for our own lives. Do you agree..

  2. They DON"T care. They still sell sugar, tobacco, alcohol, etc. This is about the American pharmaceuticals getting the vaccine into everyone $$$$$$$$$$$$$ world control. Nothing to do with health at all……………………………………………………

  3. This is 29 OCT 2021. Thank you for mention of the GALT and Sugar. I keen the Polio Vaccine was drops into the mouth of the baby and in a sugar cube ( Those day sugar was not well researched.) I thought of that is the pathway the virus come into the body. not with the needle inject into the body. and no one media or health official mention our diet and the store sell toxin junk food to people . and give the Vaccine . Why not try eating healthy first. Thank you for the health information.

  4. Sten is the best.
    Thank you for all your efforts in helping ordinary people hake control of their bodies and health in an easy to understand way.
    God bless you friend, 🙏🙏🙏, holy angels watch over you and the people following.

  5. SO WRONG -hindsight is wonderful but how do you explain 15000 largely preventable deaths. By not endorsing the vaccine you are feeding the anti vax narrative UNSUBSCRIBED.

  6. I suggest that you update this video and thus your predictions as we now have very effective vaccines (not 50% but over 90%). Suggesting that getting vaccinated against covid19 is "a personal choice" might send the wrong message to many people.

  7. I'm on the fence about getting the Vaccine. I'm 39, healthy, have tons of energy and have seen too many negative things about it and honestly just scared it will alter some aspect of me. I don't have the necessary information to make an intelligent decision. Please let me know what you think about the Vaccine. I value your opinion in making my decision.

  8. We are already seeing that the vaccine are going off and most people who got vaccinated did not had natural immunity do now they almost have 0 protection and getting sick again… But if you had natural immunity then you have protection even if a year goes by

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