Coronavirus: Your #1 Absolute Best Defense Against COVID-19 – Holistic Doctor Explains

If Coronavirus infections spike again, Here’s Your #1 Absolute Best Defense Against Coronavirus (COVID-19) Holistic Doctor Explains. Soon after the coronavirus outbreak public health officials were scrambling to control the spread and keep the emergency cases within the capacity of the hospital resources. We learned about washing hands, face covers and social distancing. There are still many unknowns about covid 19. Is the virus going to keep circulating despite efforts to contain it? Are we merely delaying an inevitable wide spread infection that will only slow after we have reached herd immunity? Is there going to be a vaccine anytime soon and will it be effective?
Regardless of the answers to all these questions, this video will teach you the one thing that will always be your best defense, and exactly how to get it..


🔷 CoronaVirus: Top 10 Vitamin C Immune Boosting Foods You Must Eat

🔷 Never Get Sick Again:

🔷 Doctor Explains THE TRUTH about the novel Coronavirus:

Welcome to Coronavirus (COVID-19) Series by Dr. Sten Ekberg; a series where I try to tackle the most important health issues of the day in a natural and safe way. If you have suggestion for the next topic leave your comment below. Remember to make your comments positive and uplifting even if you disagree with something that was said by me or others.

🔷 CoronaVirus (COVID-19) Series: CoronaVirus: Top 10 Vitamin C Immune Boosting Foods You Must Eat


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  1. It would be a good time for an update: I have had 2 COVID-19 shots, healthy and no signs of infection. Recently I received a message saying, time for the 3rd shot. 2 questions come to mind; 1) It seems like a 1st world decision to get another shot when billions of people in 3rd world countries can't get 1 vaccination, and 2) There is (still) conflicting information, about the efficacy of a 3rd vaccination, should I mix the brand of the vaccination; what's the correct time period between the 2nd and the 3rd vaccination; and more…
    You're 100% correct. In the US you have a passive 'maintenance' care system, not a healthcare system. None of us is safe until all of us is safe.

  2. Sten, what qualifications do you have? I have thought about studying alternative medicine. I strongly disbelieve in modern medicine. It's all about writing prescriptions and giving out pills. It's not about fixing the actual problem nor figuring out what it is. For me, it's alternative medicine or nothing! 🔮

  3. Co worker , healthy , proper weight no illnesses , a boxer and runner . Got covid had a stroke I month later and has long haul covid symptoms. It’s a crap shoot for everyone. Protect yourself and others. Next!!!

  4. For all those anti-vaxxers in the comments… I've been taking the flu jab every year for the last 10+ years, i even took part in the covid-19 vaccine trial, never had side effects for either. what matters is not individual sample points, but population statistics. 5% of unvaccinated people need intensive treatment after a COVID infection, but it's less than 0.1% for those with two jabs of the vaccine. Dr Sten's points apply to both vaccinated and unvaccinated people: if you're healthy you have a better chance of survival. But vaccines also greatly increase your chances of survival. And they are not mutually exclusive: you can be healthy AND vaccinated, and that gives you the best ever chance of survival! In fact, research has already proven that the longest and strongest immune response is produced by someone who has recovered from COVID-19 and is vaccinated as well (if you only have one of the two you have a weaker and shorter immmune response). Vaccines are not chemicals of the sort that people usually take in their medications: these are actual biological extracts, and if your body is healthy it can tolerate and use the vaccines well. This is why COVID-19 vaccines actually work better in younger people and people who do not have medical problems that put them into a high risk category… but they do work to a great extent in all people except the severely immunocompromised.

  5. Watching this in Oct 2021, I gave healthy eating and execise a shot but have fallen back on old ways 🙁 COVID-19 risks notwithstanding, I definitely felt better in 2020 when I was healthier!

  6. I have "Convid" and I am type 2 diabetic, been treating it successfully with garlic, onions antibiotics & prednizone. I am almost 60 and use inhalers for copd. The last time I had virtually the same thing was October 2019. This new similar virus I've had for about 6 days and was prescribed (by telephone, cause docs who do NOT do house-calls on anything that even remotely sounds like Convid) but I absolutely agree that that in Canada, where I live & in the US we DO NOT HAVE 'HEALTH CARE' – Actually we have TYRANNY HERE!

    If locking up pastors isn't tyranny, I don't know what is! Frankly most of the smart people I know want Trudeau Dead!

  7. This is disappointing. Ekberg appears to be an anitvaxxer? Anyone who says the coronavirus only kills the eldery in 2020 is behind with his information and still busy discussing the original Wuhan-virus. The Brazilian variant targets specifically young people because their immune system overreacts. It's so aggressive that they already die on their way to the hospital. Have been watching some of your video's but now I know why I never subscribed.

  8. No one talks about health for several reasons;
    1. Big Pharma and $.
    2. A healthy patient is a non paying patient.
    3. UN Article 21 and Global de-population.
    4. Food Industry and it's close ties to FDA.

    At 70 I survived with a runny nose, didn't know I had it until a nurse told me so. IF fasting for 5 years now.

  9. I just had the Corona virus a month a go took a month for me to fight it out I ate only fruit and a lots of water I deep my self in cold water with ice 30 min.every day in the tub for over 3 weeks finally temperature came down from 203 to 95 I lost 40 pounds I thank God I'm alive.

  10. Look at all clowns in comments section. He is not denying vaccine, mask or social distancing. He is just talking about overall health that is beneficial against each and every infectious or non infectious diseases. Stop using this very good video to push your conspiracy theories narrative.

  11. Makes sense to work toward being as healthy as possible with nutrition but in reality a huge porttion of the populationi, knowing that, doesn't do it…so considering the lifestyle they have chosen doesn't it make sense for them to get vaccinated, to keep putting bandaids on since they don't want to give up the ease, taste, habits of poor nutrition?

  12. #1 is vaccine! Everything else is horse crap.
    One of the issues with the virus is over active immune system and I personally know a few very healthy, young and with great feeding habits that succumbed.
    Of course, more frail people are more prone to complications.

  13. As a person approaching 70 with no underlying conditions and on no medication, I always wonder why I am at heightened risk of things simply due to my age. Is it the slowing down of my immune response compared to a healthy person less that 65 or 70? Supporting my immune system is the reason I do 12 to 16 hour intermittent fasting most days of the week, fast 48 hours each month and 5 days on the spring and autumn equinox and the summer solstice.

  14. can someone tell my why this video is still up? anyone else that speaks the truth like this is censored and deplatformed for "missinformation"… i'm not saying this is missinformation. this is great. i'm just wondering why youtube doesn't take this down.

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