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Counting Calories For Weight Loss Doesn’t Work. If you want to create long term Weight Loss stop counting calories and do what really works. Some people find if they count calories and they don’t lose weight that they are doing something wrong, then they feel they don’t have the will power and then guilt sets in. If you feel that is you don’t worry. You don’t have to count calories. In this video you will learn why counting calories ends up in most people gaining the weight right back and what you can do to keep the weight off forever. Weight loss is not hard when you learn these natural and simple health tips. Stop asking yourself how many calories should I eat a day and instead learn what really matters and lose weight for good.



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  1. Yup this is all good! I gave up counting calories after watching some of these videos, it's really easy when you know what to eat and what not to eat. Plus stuff like fish, eggs etc is really tasty and filling!

  2. Well, I am 69 years old, five feet and 100 lbs. after going on a low carb diet to defeat prediabetes with HbA1c of 5.8. Now 5.3 last reading. Not happy about being so thin. Every advice is about losing weight. How about the opposite? Thank u.

  3. If the body is so smart, why doesn't the body produce just enough insulin for the glucose to go back down to the level of the narrow range instead of going lower than the normal range creating huge swings? Does it mean the feedback mechanism doesn't work as quickly as the work of insulin?

  4. Holy crap, this should be taught i schools. I finally understand why I was never able to loose weight until now. I have been struggling with weight since my youth, when my sugar addiction started. I have been addicted to sugar ever since, but now I have been using you wisdom and teaching to finally change my diet in a way that has killed my sugar addiction and I'm seeing results.
    I know that there is a long way to go, but my god – this should be public knowledge.
    Even my wife has difficulty in accepting that my diet is now low calories and high fat, she thinks its revolting, but I can only say that it really works. I have been doing intermittent fasting 18-6 and I do no longer snack and I have no crawings any more.
    I am now a member – you have really changed my life.


  5. Excellent explanation thanks. Lifestyle change is key. Understanding the early stages of Keto adaption is also key. At first I gorged myself on fat and protein because my body complained that it was looking for carbs and there were none. Now it’s caught on to the idea of converting eaten fats to glucose and my t2d symptoms have disappeared but I am still a little fatigued which means perhaps that the body has still to learn to tap into “reserves”. It’s time to do 2mad.

  6. A million thanks to Dr ekberg!!!! Now I know why I like to eat a lot of carbs (flour, rice etc) and feel hungry after sometimes at most 3hrs!! You saved my life!

  7. Hello, so if i good understand, when i want lose weight i should be eat less carbs? I have now 95kg 181cm I calculated kcl over application 2years.. my weight 1 year ago was 88kg…now i have set up again to eat 2320 kcl 250 carbs 220 protein and 52 fat..and after one week i gain 1kg more…i should be cut carbs? Thank you.

  8. This makes sense up to a certain extent. If we discuss this all the way up and down, then people will have problems in the long term following keto too. If I don't eat carbs, I don't feel emotionally well.
    So why not eating starchy foods with a low GI and control the sizes, ratios? Less animal fat, a little more good lipids, moderate low-GI carbs, a bit of fruit and regular sizes of protein. For me, this is a lot more sustainable and I bet this works for the vast majority even in a quest for dropping in weight to becoming fit. I am just asking sir. What's your opinion on this? Thanks and the video is great. I liked the explanations a lot.

  9. This is certainly the most common mistake people does when trying to loose weight.
    In nutrition, a calorie is not a calorie as it is in pure physics otherwise we could eat plywood, ciment and have a glass of … Quakerstate engine oil!

  10. Such a fantastic !video Learning from you…its a pleasure to listen to you.everyday I do..such a calming and reassuring voice.. always ! And I loved your summary at the end …I'm truly at my happiest for years now.. 55yrs.your a such a wonderful teacher and human being have changed my life for the Best !!I'm sooo excited about it all..yes I lost weight but more imporatant I'm happy ..HEALTHY without sugars…omg .!…love sent!..thanks soooo much ! our nice nice caring!! friend.👇😊many many big happy hugs 💝from Australia 🤗 have a nice day everyday always ..see youu at the next videos..😊

  11. hi doctor i am following i low carb high fat diet i love it so far i even stopped eating fruit once a while i eat some few berries i eat one meal twice a week and 2 to 3 meals for the other days the only thing i am worry about is that i start to make keto cheesecake made with swerve its to sweet is that going to affect insulin response or its okay since swerve is a o calorie sweetener

  12. Love your relaxed way of explaining everything, I'm getting the info much better from your approach to relating to proper, healthy way to loose weight and help me with my health issues

  13. Thank you so much for your videos. Finally someone who makes sense. I feel empowered to get back to the weight I once was and maybe even to the weight I would have liked to be 10 yrs ago. I feel in control of my weight for once in my life. I am 53 years old 5’ 7” and am at 170 lbs which is too heavy for my liking. I had health issues and was on prednisone for more than 2yrs which caused havoc on my body. I’m off of it now but the damage was done and I did not know how to get back to my original weight. Not understanding what prednisone does to the body and also how to control my weight normally had made me so depressed because I blew up like a balloon. Now that I have this knowledge I feel empowered. I will keep you posted on my progress. Thank you so much Dr. Ekberg.

  14. Hello dr Ekberg.
    I am practising gynaecologist and obstetrician in Rajasthan India. Inspire that I have studied Guytons physiology , my principles of weight loss, mechanism of insulin are clear after watching your videos.
    I am really grateful to you, ur teachings have drastically changed my life. I would love to meet u in person.

  15. Counting calories does not automatically mean you are in state of deprivation. Some people can use a reminder of just how many calories are in the food they are eating. Sometimes double checking what you are consuming, especially fat if doing LCHF, can be helpful.

    Sure, insulin is the fat storage hormone. But isn't fat storage basically automatic anytime you eat more calories than you can use in that moment? I eat 1 or 2 times a day. Those calories have to go somewhere. Typically I consume ~ 2000 calories in a 4 hour window. If 2000 calories is exactly what I need for 24 hours then that's ~83 Calories an hour. All that extra energy can't be in my blood stream.

    It seems that where Insulin becomes a problem is when you are eating small carbohydrate meals all day long, the insulin will not allow your body to use it's stored energy. This is exacerbated by individuals that are insulin resistant like myself.

    Isn't actual hypoglycemia a rare thing. Many people might "feel" like they are hypoglycemic but they are just on the carbohydrate roller-coaster. I never saw my blood glucose go way to low when I was eating more carbohydrates. If anything it tended to stay high for a while then go back to where it started.

  16. So do you encourage counting of any type? Like macros or total sugar to stay under a specific about 5,10,20% carbs? Or just eating a healthier diet without all the processed overly sugary foods to normalize body composition over time?

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