Courage and Self-Confidence – How to Defend Yourself Against Offense

Today I was offended. A doctor told me in a discussion we had that I cannot call myself a doctor because I don’t have a diploma. However I state that I am a psychiatrist and psychologist, that I continued the research of Carl Jung becoming a doctor like him, and discovering the cure for all mental illnesses.

The doctor I was talking with was irritated with me because he didn’t believe that I could become a doctor like him, just by studying alone and following the guidance I have received in dreams, along with curing many people for 19 years.

However, my great discovery is exactly the existence of a wise doctor inside the human psyche, who sends us directions in dream messages, helping us overcome all mental illnesses.

I had to become a doctor against my will, after discovering the wisdom and the sanctity of the unconscious mind that lives inside the human being in order to help him transform his wild nature into a sensitive human nature. The unconscious mind is a doctor and a teacher. I’m a doctor who puts into practice his directions and helps other people do the same.

I had no intention to ever become a doctor in my life, and I didn’t like this obligation, but I understood that I had no other option, since I had access to so much knowledge.

My medicine is clean, I don’t use chemistry. However, while common psychiatrists are not able to cure schizophrenic, psychotic, neurotic and depressed patients, the scientific method of dream interpretation guarantees their psychotherapy, because the real doctor behind the dream messages is the wise unconscious mind that knows much more than a mere human being. Following the unconscious’ directions, I am able to cure all patients with time, depending on the gravity of their mental illness.

However, I didn’t have the time to explain all that to Dr. X, who was offending me.

When someone offends you, they don’t give you a chance to talk first of all, and the way they treat you makes you realize that they are not listening: they don’t care for what you may tell them. They don’t want to examine your points of view or find out the truth.

They simply despise you, and they don’t want to waste their time examining your case, no matter if you are correct or not.

So, what can you do?

You can simply ignore them and despise their opinion. Since they don’t care about learning the truth, why should you care about explaining it to them?

Never mind. Don’t let the people that offend you without giving you the chance to defend yourself ruin your peace of mind and self-confidence.

You know that you are correct, don’t you? You know that their offence is not fair and that if they would talk with you and care about finding out the truth they would discover that you were right from the beginning.

This is enough.

You should now have courage to face new problems and adventures, completely forgetting the offense against you, as if it had no importance at all, because it doesn’t really have. An offense becomes offensive not only if the person who offends you is aggressive, but also if you become aggressive too, and you react by attacking them.

Why should you offend your aggressor? Why should you fight with him or her, because they don’t care about learning the truth?

Don’t make the very common mistake of caring about the opinion of your aggressors. Many times they attack you only because they have the power to do so, and they abuse their power because you are in an inferior position, while they are protected.

It would be very silly from your side if you did care about convincing such aggressors that they should care about learning the truth before making wrong conclusions…

Fortunately, there are other people in this world who can evaluate what you do and who you are, and they admire you! Think about them, and forget everyone else. Give more importance to those that consider you important.

Source by Christina Sponias

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