Cure For Diabetes? 5 Revealing Facts Your Doctor Has Missed

Cure For Diabetes? 5 Revealing Facts Your Doctor Has Missed which by understanding will allow You to prevent diabetes or Reverse Insulin Resistance. Is there a permanent cure for diabetes? Will there ever be a cure for diabetes? That depends on what you mean by cure diabetes. If you look at diabetic symptoms to judge if someone is cured then the battle to reverse insulin resistance is endless.

You will learn how to reverse diabetes and if you can lose weight while on insulin. If you have insulin resistance you have probably heard that if you just lose weight, but that is the wrong way to look at it. Find out why diabetes can’t be cured… or can it?



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  1. Hi Sten, thanks for the videos.
    I am 47 and diabetic for about 7 yrs now. I am on medication and have started practicing IF 16/8 recently;since the 1st of December. I only weigh 52kgs and fear further weight loss.
    How can you help?


  2. love your videos ; my engineering backgroud glides my understanding towards medicine and I'm, thankfull for that ; still have some points to clarify – one is HOMEOSTASIS – is there bad homeostasis or good one , or both ? when in diabetes type2 ( or 1 ) we, humans, are not in some kind of homeostasis ( bad one ) ? ; another thing is your comparison of homeostasis with gravity – gravity is something you cannot change , homeostasis is changeable at will – if I want some cookies there is no physical law that will opose me to do that – i'll just die ….

  3. Thanx doctor! Do you also have vodeo on insulin receptors and their working ? -i heve some questions like, once the energy/ATPs in the cell are utilised, why don't cells open up insulin receptors again and let 'glucose-insulin' inside the cell ? OR how that process is regulated ?

  4. Dr. Sten, Why are some people overweight, eat carbs and sugar, all their life and never get diabetes? Also, why are some people fit and athletic, but still get diabetes?

  5. I just started keto but I noticed When I wake up in the morning, my blood sugar reading is higher then it was when I slept. Even though I ate nothing at night. What could be responsible for it?

  6. I dont have a diabetes but my late mom had. That’s that reason why i wanna become a “health champion” because she died at 37. I was told it’s genetic but been educating myself and most diseases aren’t genetic but habitual.

  7. I went to doctor for my annual physical and found out I was pre diabetic and all I was told was change your diet, I felt devastated and I wanted to know everything about type 2 diabetes and what causes it and than I found you! Thank you so much Dr. Eckberg ❤️. I tell so many people about you how you changed my life I lost 21 lbs so far and it’s only been about 6 weeks just backing off breads and sugar and eating keto paleo if that makes sense and I will leave update in my A1C soon but it was 6.3, I am not type 2 but I am pre diabetic and do not take Metformin but was prescribed 500 mg and did take it for about a week and wanted to get to the roots and not have to take it and I do not take it and feel great
    I was 176.9 now I’m 156.7
    Thank you I love your gentleness and I watch your videos and I had to say you have changed my life! My husband also is losing weight seeing my progress and changing how he eats, thank you, thank you, you are the BEST!!!❤️❤️❤️

  8. Hi , I just got diagnosed with diabetes. One of the symptoms is being thirsty. This started right after starting Escilatopram. Could this be of influence ? Oh, and I immediately started cutting out all sugar in my diet.

  9. Excelente Dr Ekberg and thanks for all your information 😊 I saw your information ones and again and again, and you make me feel happy and healthy ☺️ because I understand how the homeostasis works in my body now the A1C results are 5.8 thanks 😊

  10. Endocrinologist says my pancreas "acts like type 1 diabetic" and put me on an insulin pump! I've reduced my insulin from 100 units to 1 or 2 units a day but still need my basal insulin. Will this change as well? I've changed my diet but my blood pressure is still high. My goal is to get off all my meds! I've changed my diet 4 months now and only lost 30 lbs.. will these things change, as well?

  11. Where did you find the definition to cure???? That definition. That you provided sounds more like medical drugs to me!!!! Cause that's exactly what medical drugs do!!!!

  12. Dear doctor Ekberg,l should say dear SAVING MANY PEOPLE LIVES, by watching , following your videos ,I let go all my favorite food :Jasmin white rice, haagen – dazs ice cream french fries ,l let all my favorite garbage go for good doctor ,no more feet and toes pain but I use to take 2 metformin now I m taking one still working on it thank you so much.😅

  13. Dear bro,, my friend on low carbho diet now skipped metformin but morning after break fast reading is constant within 120 points , is we have check glucose reading in lunch time also after eating 2 hrs also dinner also ??sometimes after dinner 2 hrs reading goes 150 approx is it normal night?? Dr ekberg or anyone explain pls

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