Dawn Phenomenon: High Fasting Blood Sugar Levels On Keto & IF

Dawn Phenomenon: High Fasting Blood Sugar Levels On Keto & IF. What is dawn phenomenon and somogyi effect? People ask why is my blood sugar high in the morning especially people with diabetes and insulin resistance? Why the high blood sugar levels even while eating low carb, keto or intermittent fasting, but this seems like it shouldn’t be happening since blood sugar levels are low while eating low carbohydrates. The dawn phenomenon, also called the dawn effect, is something a lot of diabetes experience where their morning fasting blood sugar go to high levels. You will learn why it happens and why you can still have this happen after you start lowing your blood sugar levels with diet.



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  1. I experienced dawn phenomenon before IF and OMAD and KETO and my long morning walks. It continued after I started these things, too. So I just had faith that if I kept doing what I knew was good for me this dawn phenomenon would work itself out. And that’s what happened. But not in a continuous decline. It was more of in ranges: 135-110 then 130>100 then 125>98. Now my fasting blood sugar is around 90 but drops to about 78 after my walk.

  2. Well researched and meticulously prepared. Excellent. Thank you. If on low carb diet but if sugar at bedtime is 170 what is reason and how to correct it ? However FBS is 120 and PBS is 140. Please reply.

  3. I'm having this exact problem! When I started IF my fasting glucose was around 80. Now, I wake up and it's usually between 95 and 105. I was worried because I just had my insulin checked and it was just under 2.0. It had me worried that maybe I was on the road to becoming diabetic (A1C was 5.4 before I started IF and went up to 5.6 after doing IF and keto for almost a year). I tried eating some carbs to see how my body would respond and within 2 hours I was in the low 100's, so insulin is still doing it's job. It seems that the body just doesn't feel the need to lower the sugar in the morning. I guess one thing i'm wondering is, at what point is blood sugar in the body doing damage? I've never had high blood sugar but i'm sure I had some form of insulin resistance. Will glucose at 120 damage your organs?

  4. Thank you for your excellent videos 🙏 I’ve been fasting for awhile. The majority of the time I have one meal only because of the under active thyroid. I’m 100kg 1.76cm tall with obvious metabolic issues and very possible insulin resistance.
    Just yesterday bought a gluco-meter to see what’s happening in my blood. Had a reading of 120 after meal and 146 at 2:00 am. This is what made me look for answers and I am glad I came across your channel.

  5. Continued
    Something not mentioned in addition to the fact that the body extensively changes everything into glucose instead of sending carbohydrates out the waste system like it does to unwanted compounds is Glucase. An enzyme that breaks down glucose. You mention that the body has systems to have sugar in the blood but you never cover why. What is it for if it is not for energy? And it is not for energy. Single cell life forms that the body has.
    Mould. Single cell with nucleus and single cell without nucleus Bacteria. Plus the body uses Fungus, which is multiple cell with nucleus. Breaking compounds down does not feed these life forms.
    The hormone Insulin is talked as if it moves the sugar from blood to cell and back again. It is my understanding that controls balance and uses other hormones to do the work. This is not just Insulin but multiple hormones that are working with too much glucose. Glucose is a gooey sticky undesirable compound in the cell as well as in blood vessels. The glucose creation from other compounds is still happening but glucose break down is failing.
    Another item that gets what I feel is wrongful smashing TTD is the attacks on the cholesterol levels. Vital compounds including hormones are made from cholesterol. Low Density Lipoids create blood vessels. Oxidation of LDL is what needs to be addressed.
    I wrote this out and it took pages. Condensing it is making the points thin. This is email rather than comment. You have the education to know what I have glossed over for the purpose of condensing.
    Oh eliminating booze and tobacco would be beneficial in protection of heart attacks. Keep in a balance way with all nutrients fat intake high. Protein becomes glucose in the body so they are not fuel. Keto hmmm.

  6. I suffer from this. My A1c is down from 6.8 to 5.5 after 5 months of keto. It makes me feel pretty lousy in the morning until I eat something despite not feeling hungry. I would love to increase my non-eating window. I'm feeling better and better with respect to this but for now I need to eat a little something. I do 2mad mostly and am stalled but not concerned as this is a long-term thing for me.
    I realise that even though my blood markets are much better I still have insulin resistance. Thank you for explaining this topic.
    I'd like to add that I never are sugar really, what I did eat was a lot of 'healthy' whole grains.

  7. Exactly what I experienced and have been very frustrated… but my brain doesn't work well when I'm doing LCHF I'm not understanding your video today maybe tomorrow I should pig out on carbs then watch it again 😅 but thank u very much for making many excellent videos I've been following them for years

  8. So I was told when diagnosed with diabetes that fat was bad and that fat clogs the mechanism or locks that allow insulin into the cells and to metabolize for energy. Eat plant based avoid coconut oil. Use canola. Drink and eat soy based products to now I am practicing keto, fasting and extended fasts. eat fat, saturated fats the better butter eggs lard ect. So when you are  fasting and eating fats your insulin is low but sugar may surge while on a fast and keto diet??? So what is happening? Insulin is low glycogen being released and sugar stores from the muscles and now you have high blood sugar? I thought the point of insulin was to drive sugar down so if insulin is low and sugar is high isn't that bad? Does it influence your a1c? Do your red blood cells glygate? Or is it different than eating carbs, you raise sugar levels and higher insulin should drive sugar in the cells? I'm confused???

  9. Very thankful for this video. Started keto 1.5 months ago and lost 19 pounds with 22 pounds more to lose. I workout and started IF about 2 weeks ago. I eat between 12-6pm. I eat a high fat meal, low-carb and wash it down with half cup mixed frozen berries, 1-2 cups kale, 1 avocado, nutritional yeast, and a teaspoon of Moringa that I blend with water in a blender. I thought everything was good until I bought a glucose tester. I tested my blood sugar upon waking and it was 125 and the next reading after stressing out was 135. I was about to buy Juman seed powder as well as come off of IF until seeing this video. I knew I was doing the diet right because I am in ketosis much of the day but very thankful to see this video. I will take ACV before bed to see if that still helps.

  10. Over 4 months I’ve reached exactly the numbers Dr Ekberg mentions. I wear a glucose monitor so the numbers are exactly what he graphs out. Only when I watched this video was I able to understand the process. It is counterintuitive but I am an example that proves his thesis. I continue to lose about a pound and a half a week and my A1C has moved from diabetic levels to normal ranges both fasting and post prandial. His plan, 2MAD, LCHF (30 grams), 18-6, 40 min walking and 20 min High Intensity is working on this 75 year old body

  11. Thank you! I was worried when my Dr said my glucose level seemed high for fasting but my A1c was normal (she was puzzled and asked if I ate something). Now I am not worried.

  12. I've been doing Keto for most of a year. My weight's come down, but my recent blood panels showed that I"m a little more prediabetic than I was before. I'm not giving up on low-carb eating; I like feeling better and carrying less weight. I'm also in bereavement: my soulmate died four months ago of Alzheimer's and I was his sole caregiver for the last six years. I went back on a full dose of an antidepressant I've been on for many years now. I'm supposing all this plays into my success and failure, too, right? Be grateful to get an opinion on this. I'm restarting with a naturopath this coming January who was helping me with most of this.

  13. I've been on a low carb diet for 3 weeks, and am worried about my morning blood sugar being between 110-120. Meanwhile, at other times my blood sugar has started to normal. Thank you for the video, it made me understand what was really going on in my body.

  14. Thank you for explaining this so well,I've been low carb high fat for a year,I've never been diabetic but did have Hbp,over the last couple of months I've noticed my blood sugar in the high 5's or even above 6 mml after fasting for 13-14hrs overnight and couldn't understand why,my blood sugar would drop to 5.3-5.4 about an hour after my late breakfast of eggs and chicken and this is the reason why,thanks again

  15. A question dor you on SOMOGY. I have type 1 diabetes. A phenomenon that has been happening about every other 2 months: in the mornings, because of the “SOMOGY phenomenon" I have high concentrations of glucose in my system in the morning that I need to address with more insulin. this will usually spike glucose to 240. On occasion, I will have the urge to purge and poo simultaneously. Usually I am constipated however when the simultaneous events occur, it is usally liquid out both ends. I believe this is happening because i have undigested sucrose collecting in my small intestine… can this happen? At some point, pressure builds up to the point of the simultaneous phenomenon. Could this be because of fermentation build up in the small intestine? CO2 buildup? AND a need to expel high levels of undigested sucrose – NOT glucose? The puke is very sweet…Sorry TMI. My thoughts are to add sucrase to my diet with every meal as well as to keep on taking pre-biotics and probiotics… And perhaps once a month or 2x/month perform a colon cleanse…similar to colonoscopy prep??? Any feed back will be greatly appreciated! Would it be better to take a super enzyme mixture to assist with the sugar enzyme mix?

  16. I am a long term type two diabetic. I am taking insulin via pump to control basal levels and boluses while practicing Keto and IF. I can drive my glucose level down with insulin. I have heard of people having very low glucose levels while on Keto. If it gets too low, it seems to cause sweating and heart palpitations – can you explain this?

  17. Good morning Dr. I’ve been on keto for over a year, my A1c= 5.2, test BG& ketones 3+ times daily, rising it 95 gd – .7 k, after only having earl gray tea I test my BG=109 and k=1.1 and stays in this state. IF until noon. Am I still insulin resistance?

  18. I was having a heart attack, my wife got her hands on a a testing kit. I tested my ketones, and then my fasting blood sugar, it was 6.2, I freaked out. This is after being on keto for 3 to 4 months, with intermittent fasting 2 meals a day. I have lost 10kg. Now I understand, my bloods at the doctor when starting keto for a month at were at 4.1.
    Thank you Mr Ekberg, you started us on this journey, and hitting we feel great

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