Did Keto Save Her Life? Real Doctor Reacts

A Mom Tried Keto Diet For 30 Days. This Is What Happened When Things Went Wrong, but did it go wrong? Keto might have actually saved her life. Some doctors and nutritionist believe Keto is Dangerous, and if you watched the original medical drama video you would believe that to be true. The case presented in the keto gone wrong video might rather have saved her life. Learn about this case and a similar one and why it is crucial to understand a few basics. The keto diet, even as it is presented in the reviewed video dramatization, is not the dangerous thing it is portrayed to be, and it could possibly save your life. The original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W74jOR9V6UA

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  1. Hi Dr. Ekberg, you mention that they don't measure ketone or insulin, but do you know that for sure? The videos chubbyemu does typically come straight out of case studies in medical journals or maybe personal experience, so essentially he just makes it accessible to the general public by "translating" journal articles into day-to-day English

  2. Chubby Emu kinda likes drama. I followed him until I saw the error in some of his logic.

    The body does homeostasis. So given that fact – we know the body can make glucose through gluconeogenesis. So why does she keep having extreme low blood sugars? Even if she was fasting her body should maintain a certain glucose level. So there was some pathology going on here that they missed.

    In the hospital – they should have been doing fingersticks too…

  3. Thanks so much for your 'eye opening' videos. I'm a type 2 diabetic (20yrs) and I'm now transitioning to low carb/high fat diet – and increasing my exercise regime. Thanks again Dr Ekberg.

  4. Look in March of this year I went to the hospital and my blood sugar was tested it was 305 my weight was 350lbs I looked into what I could do to turn this around… here we are 5 months later, 61 lbs lost and my A1C is 6.1 my blood pressure is down my pulse rate has dropped out of tachycardia… Keto has changed my life

  5. Excellent presentation, Doctor. I could be wrong but JC's diet looked more like a carnivore diet. And zero carbs is very hard to do and may be dangerous for some. Plus that video's title was misleading. Shame on him.

  6. Keto changed my life. Probably, even saved… Because I was in so deep depression that many times I had been thinking about to kill myself… But since I changed my life-style, my diet, my eating-habits, that is, I follow something (mix) between "real" keto and carnivore, my depression is gone, I have no itchy skin, I have far more energy, I have better dreams, more fantasy, I lost about 12 kg of weight, less irritability, more serenity, _even my food costs a lot less_ because I do not buy lots of expensive JUNK FOODS… So I saved money. The modern food industry is an attack (assassination…) on Humanity! A crime! My only regret is that I did not know these important facts at least 30 years ago… (I am an 56 year old man). I changed my diet 3 years ago, and my experience is GOOD, there are no any harmful consequence!

  7. 6:17 Speaking of the things they "sent her home with". Why did they not send her home with a blood glucose meter if they are so inexpensive and if they see her problem is glucose related? LOL. Malpractice! The first time I watched this last week, I was also wondering why no A1c test was done.

  8. Very interesting case thanks. For me it emphasises the importance of a regimented or checklist series of tests to perform on a patient rather than a sort of trial and error approach. Perhaps even more important is a healthy lifestyle in the first place, looking after your chemical, emotional and structural self.

  9. Original Epileptic diet? Benefits Brain injuries, concussions, Alzheimer's prevention, etc., with Intermittent Fasting/ Fasting. Check with the Dr. ofc

  10. Thank you for doing this presentation. That video was in my suggested list, and it scared me. I, however, did not watch it. I went ahead on the keto woe. I have been on it 4 months and have improved my life immensely.

  11. dr.chubbyemu was on keto & diet soda diet too a couple of years back. his channel is interesting cuz seemingly inconsequential things can be deadly to some ppl. like a boy ate old pasta and the die kind of jive.

  12. Just wondering what her incentive was for going on Keto diet? People also must understand that when they’re pregnant and then nursing an infant, they SHOULD always consult with a qualified health care professional! Too bad Dr Eckberg wasn’t her provider!

  13. Dear doc, Bernard never said keto was the reason for her problems. I like your videos and dietary suggestions but you should stop picking other people's stuff out of context! Bernard is a doctor just like you and makes very different kind of content.

  14. When I was diagnosed with Prostate cancer I went keto. I had a PSA of 8 and under keto my PSA went to 3. PSA is a reliable indicator of cancer (when you have it – if you don't have cancer PSA might mean other things). To me my reduced PSA indicated that keto would was effective in killing cancer. My oncologist didn't believe in keto, and I decided to go ahead with a prostectomy anyway just to get it out of my system. It was a high grade cancer and there was a good probability it would spread but fortunately it didn't. I have to believe the keto arrested it's progress. I have been cancer free for three years now.

    If I were diagnosed with cancer again, I would go full keto, combined with fasting. Keto starves cancer cells of the glucose they crave. Cancerous cells are a natural part of living, they usually die off from autophagy, however a our high glucose diet keeps the cancer cells growing. Starve cancer with keto.

  15. i stopped keto…. i feel bad now, i need to go back to keto once more.
    i was full of energy with keto, now i kinda lazy doing anything because my stomach is bloating because high sugar and carbs.

  16. Imagine if she never did keto and this tumor had the chance to keep on growing and spreading. Seems to me keto may have saved her life by catching this crazy rare problem sooner.

  17. Dr. Ekberg, I continually am amazed how you are so polite to these wastes of skin who DELIBERATELY misinform and spread their hateful propaganda lies. You truly are kind to dumb animals.

  18. Dr.Ekberg really great break down of glucose/ketone/insulin ratios in various diet- and health situations 👍
    Many people could be afraid of low glucose but I can confirm that it is not a problem until you don't produce too much insulin in the same time and your liver can't make any ketones…like you said and made it so clear in this video 👍👍👍

  19. There has been a spate of anti-keto articles, interviews, etc. in recent weeks, almost like Big Food's new year resolution was to take the "keto problem" head on. It's laughable and sad, and really shows how desperate things are getting for Big Food and its toxic, anti-keto agenda.

  20. Why the hell is she eating 50 grams of sugar when the world health organization clearly states max 25 grams of sugar for women?! her Doctor should be updated. i eat lots of salt and max 20 grams of sugar per day (my cheese with berries) on IF and Carnivore Keto

  21. Excellent debunking Dr. Shame on them!

    The way it was presented,  it may well be a paid for hit piece. It wouldn't be the first time the sugar industry has done this and there are many other well funded industries whose bottom line would be negatively affected by this diet shift and/or the subsequent health improvements a mass keto uptake would cause.

    Alternatively it could just be a simple, cynical media ploy to deliberately create controversy and benefit by linking it to and piggybacking on keto which is currently so hot & trending. Much like click-bait.

    While both would probably make good business sense, it is clearly dishonest, misleading and dangerous. While the presenter acts all concerned, they clearly could not care less about the harm done by deliberately scaring people away from keto.

    Either way it was A Disgusting, disingenuous smear!

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