Divorce Ruining Your Self-Confidence? – Energy Drills Can Help!

Divorce can suck the life right out of you. Especially a nasty divorce.

Other people have the life sucked out of them by the FEAR of divorce, long before the relationship ever actually ends.

One subscriber wrote saying his self-confidence has been quite low since his divorce. We do have some things that can help here.

One of my friends was low on self-confidence and her husband was going to leave her. I taught her some basic radiant energy drills and also did a remote influencing dreamtime telepathy intervention on her and her husband.

She started having more confidence, started LIKING herself more.

Her husband started paying more attention to her too.

I’ve got another friend who did the energy drills, and not only did her confidence shoot through the roof, she started getting hit on by guys everywhere she went. One married woman even got PISSED at her, because the woman’s husband started hitting on my friend.

Whenever someone’s confidence is low, you can bet their radiant energies are also very low, and they most likely have massive energy reversals.

This can be fixed.

I’m one of those people who has to work on mine all the time. Just like you have to go to the bathroom on a regular basis, and when you do, it’s also appropriate to wipe, and then go wash your hands.

What’s funny, though, is some people do the radiant energy drills, and they don’t have the habits wired in yet, but they stop doing the drills.

Your wondering, perhaps, if I’m just making up this thing about “radiant energies?”

Well, radiant energies are very real. They are one of the energy systems that make up human beings. Donna Eden, in her book Energy Medicine, lists these parts of the human energy body: the meridians, the chakras, the aura, the celtic weave, the basic grid, the five rhythms, the triple warmer, and the strange flows.

So these radiant energies do exist, and they also have a profound effect on your health, your mental outlook, your self confidence, and your ability to attract others to you – including those you are already intimate with or those you would like to become intimate with.

I was doing the energy drills and had women (and also guys) hitting on me whenever I went out somewhere.

Some smoking-hot chicks started flirting with me at a fast food place I like to go to. One chick’s boyfriend got so pissed because SHE was flirting with me, he was ready to fight me over her.

I hadn’t done ANYTHING. I was just there. And got hit on by hot chicks.

So I’ve been busy lately and hadn’t been doing the radiant energy drills. Heck, they only take a few seconds to do. Less time than it takes to go to the bathroom, wipe, and then wash your hands. But I hadn’t been doing the drills because I was “busy”.

I went to the fast food place the other day, and one of those hot chicks comes in…

She started whining to her friends about me because I wasn’t any “fun”.

I hadn’t even noticed…I was just busy doing stuff.

But this smoking hot chick was annoyed at me because I hadn’t activated my radiant energies for her. She didn’t know about radiant energies or energy healing. She just noticed that I “wasn’t any fun.”

And that is something you are able to correct at the energy level where all attraction happens anyway, once you know how.

How would you like to influence others, and then have them PISSED at you until you gave them MORE of what they craved?

THAT will boost your confidence, let me tell you!

The good news is your confidence does NOT depend on what others do or do not do to you.

You hold the keys in your own hand.

One of the most simple and easiest energy drills to do is the front bridge circuit, sometimes also caled the heart radiant energy circuit or the “care bear” energy drill.

You basically trace a heart on the front of your chest, in much the same way that the “Care Bears” have a heart on the front of their chest.

You imagine the energy of liking flowing through you and out your hands and fingers as you trace hearts on your chest and around your body.

Doing that exercise on a regular basis – daily, as often as you need to – will help to activate your attractor field for romance.

That’s just one of the ways to get rid of fear of a failing relationship – and in many cases you can save a relationship, or in other cases you can begin to attract a better one.

These energy healing techniques work for men and for women and are the energy “building blocks” of how people are attracted to each other naturally, but once you understand how the energies of attraction work, you can use them at will to enhance your own relationships.

Source by Jim Knippenberg

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