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Do Probiotics Work Or Are They A Waste Of Money? This video explains what probiotics are and when people need them. Save money on buying and guessing if you are getting the best probiotics. Find out how probiotics help or hurt your gut bacteria vitamin and supplement

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  1. Thank you for this video. I take probiotics with inulin because I believe the "safe house" theory regarding the role of the appendix and mine was removed when I was 15.
    Ironic to think that now they would rather use antibiotics to save something that protects good bacteria.

  2. So That's A Lot Of Raw Veggies 😁 Can I Just Skip That And Stay Mostly Carnivore ? 🙏🏼 What's The Cheapest Tastiest Way ? 🤔 💯% Fat Kefir Dip With Hot Sauce And Some Meat On The Side

  3. Thanks for the lecture on cleasing the kidneys. Am at stage 3b and am trying hard with the diet. R u saying I should not eat any starchy foods at all.can I get a diet sheet am in the tropics and I prefer to eat breadfruit and tam instead of rice ,flour and bread.

  4. I recently tried a high quality pre/probiotic with digestive enzymes. After a few days I could tell something was happening (I felt very clear headed and some other things). Then after a week or so some other things started to happen: I had a constant headache and my hormones seemed to be affected and my digestion came to a halt. I stopped taking them. The hormonal issue seemed to stop after about four days but then like a pendulum the issues swung the other way. I have not been in good health for over a decade and I know my entire system is out of whack (I do not think my biome is healthy at all). Would you recommend using this supplement but implementing it slowly (one day a week at first)?

  5. Good day Doctor.
    I enjoy your recomendations and information on the videos.
    Can you talk about What is good food for ulcers in the stomach.

    Thank you for your information!

  6. According to research, most bacteria survive when we take a probiotic with a meal. Unless the capsule is enteric. Then it is better to take it on an empty stomach.

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