Do You Have Supreme Self Confidence?

Have you ever noticed that all great men and women who have done, or are in the process of doing, important work have the attribute of “Supreme Self-Confidence”? Before we go any further, let’s define the term: Supreme Self-Confidence is the outward expression of an emotion that communicates to others that the individual in question:

a) Has a firm grasp of reality and the work that needs to be done,

b) Has a major purpose they are diligently working towards,

c) Believes to their core that they can provide a World Class solution,

d) Moves calmly in the direction of their vision undeterred by all circumstances and naysayers.

Is it any doubt why these people tend to be successful? How do you feel when you come across someone you respect who appears to have a plan and communicates through their body language that they confidently have the ability to execute? Most of us feel very good, because deep down this is an attribute we all strive for. These individuals are seen as “islands of paradise” in an ocean of worry, doubt, fear and anxiety perpetrated by the media and individuals with a negative mental attitude. Now that we have a working definition of “Supreme Self-Confidence” how do we cultivate it in our lives?

1) The first step is understanding exactly who you are in terms of:

a)Your values, beliefs and philosophy of life

b)Your perceived strengths and weaknesses in the major aspects of your life such as your health, relationships, business, career, and overall personality traits etc.

2) The second step is to clearly understand what you want. Most of us set goals based on what we think we can do, or what we know we can do, and not what we really want. We need to have a clear purpose that can be emotionalized to serve as our foundation for building Supreme Self-Confidence.

3) The third step is to realize that thoughts are things and they need to observed and respected. Based on addressing the first two steps our thoughts need to be written down. The process helps to clarify your thinking to ensure you develop a laser like focus that is necessary to achieve your goals. After your write down your thoughts, you need to answer the very important question “Why do I want it?” Do not settle for all the common answers – you must find an answer that you can really become emotional about.

4) The fourth step is to condition your mind. Supreme Self-Confidence comes from conditioning your mind on an ongoing basis. You can do this through the process of auto suggestion which is how we volitionally impact our subconscious mind. As you become emotional, your subconscious mind listens and then controls everything you attract into your life in terms of people and resources. This process is critical and always comes before any sustainable action. You need to clearly see yourself being successful at the task at hand down to the very last detail. As you see this happening in your mind over and over again, you will build a white hot burning desire that will begin to radiate from you with everyone you meet.

5) The fifth step is a heightened sense of awareness. Supreme Self-Confidence requires awareness for how you come across to others. You must become hyperaware of how you dress, how you move, how you greet people, your posture when you sit and when you stand, and the tone and fluctuation of your voice. In short every perceivable attribute that can be observed visually along with your body language that is observed at a subconscious level must be considered. A professional is at their best at all times – always remember this. The above should not be misunderstood to be someone else – just be the highest and best version of yourself.

6) The six and final step is to take action. Taking action shows to your subconscious mind that you are serious and not a wishful thinker. As you take action, the conscious and subconscious mind work together to build momentum in the direction of your definite purpose. Taking action helps you develop a healthy obsession for what you want.

As you think about these six basic steps, I want you to make a commitment to objectively examine yourself in relation to the above every 3 months and make course corrections. This process ensures that you are internally aligned – when this happens you will express this quiet Supreme Self-Confidence to everyone you meet. This self-confidence will in turn draw the people and resources you need to fulfill your vision. As you fulfill your vision, you will use this positive experience to give yourself even more momentum for the next vision you conceptualize and move forward on. This my friends is the secret to how the “Greats” exhibit Supreme Self-Confidence.

Source by Ray Stendall

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