Doctor Explains THE TRUTH about the novel Coronavirus

Doctor Explains THE TRUTH about the novel Coronavirus and what YOU MUST DO to protect yourself that no one is talking about. I’ll help clear up some of the the misinformation about the outbreak of the Coronavirus originating in Wuhan, China. Best Ways To Fight A Virus – Facts That May Save You

While it is very important that you follow the official guidelines, they don’t tell you the whole story. Here you will learn some additional steps you can take to safeguard your health from this virus.

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  1. I wouldn’t go that far about getting info from WHO, NIH CDC. They are in the bag with China and big Pharm. Nice timely video at the time. Now we know high risk for bad outcome is obesity diabetes

  2. Dear Dr Ekberg, We read that the covid-19 'vaccines' like Moderna, Pfizer and astrazeneca do not fall under the definition of Vaccines, please can you comment on this
    Thank you

  3. You need to revisit this and update it. What about the gene marker in the vaccine? What are the similarities to altitude sickness which has been reported more than once? What about the fact that the vaccine doesn't stop the infection?

  4. If only people had listened to you, if only I had found your channel sooner. But oh well – I stopped all sugar and trying to keep the carbs as close to 0 as possible now, doing OMAD and stuff, I feel more nergetic, I've lost weight, I hope my insulin resistance will improve some day. You are a great person and your videos are awesome, very well presented and very informative.

  5. 8/2/2021 When this video was made, Doc said there were 6 cases. This tells me that he wasted no time in telling what was important: Don’t panic, take precautions, take care of yourself to boost your immune system and look out for your neighbor.

  6. They got us scared, but in the end this virus proved to be very harmless for us health champions. No reason to stay at home being scared, continue life as normal! The real virus is the propaganda in the media.

  7. Be cautious but don't freak out. Upregulate your immune system.

    Best Healthcare and highest rate of vax for seasonal flu but twice the death rate? The reason is we have worse diet? I think your answer was in your first statement. Nurses in nursing homes call flu vax season the culling season.

  8. Totally agree. The west is the victim of its own success. It’s media and it’s advertising is extremely effective. And as you walk down the supermarket aisle, take a critical look at the adverts for fats, and those for foods with carbs. It’s something close to 99% for carbs and 1% for fats. Carbs are easy to produce in a number of forms whereas fats have limited variants.

  9. good evening, this has nothing to do with this video, but as I set here watching this and my vision is blurring…. I had hemorrhaging in my eyes about 3 years ago, assuming it is the same thing. I thought I would throw a random note, asking for help. I had been doing good keto 1/2 clean and 1/2 ditty 2017-2019, In August 2019 I took a nose dive, coming off a 23 day water and BP coffee I did a few days of bone broth, green juice, then started eating and never stopped, this time however I included foods I had never ate in the past much, but crave especially since covid19 (I guess a little related) sandwiches, lunchmeat, McDonalds, ice cream, chips, I have probably ate 3 salads in 6 months. I have been feeling extra tired, thought because working from home a lot, eating 6=12 times a day. In the past 6 weeks I did 24 hour and 30 hour fast. 2 weeks ago decided to check BG 412…. yikes with the exception of last Sunday when a raccoon came into my apartment, I have been 25 g or less of carbs, still high…. Wed after lunch water fast, not even black coffee. water and electrolytes, and a supplement for my vertigo Dymax II I think for parasite. 101 hours fasting BG 161 Ketones 3.0; also 24 hour dry fast today

  10. Yes, but this strain is quite obvious in its Wuhan P4 virology lab origin. No matter the strain of Coronavirus, stop smoking cigs, pot etc…and eat way less refined sugar….in short stuff that destroys
    immunity and enables inflammation and leading to viral infections

  11. I think the CDC is not being helpful. What would be helpful if we were told which supplements to take to try to fight this virus. The CDC exist to promote vaccines and support pharmectical companies. 😖

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