Don’t Run After Your Ex Boyfriend! Turn the Tables On Him And Make Him Want To Hit On You Again!

He decided to call it quits and walked out on you. You were stunned at first, and then when the realization hit you that he was gone, you sank into this state of deep depression. You have been crying your eyes out ever since then, and wonder how on earth you are going to get through life without him. Get out of that depressed state you’re in, because there is a way that you can make your ex boyfriend hit on you again!

Can you remember how he fell for you like a ton of bricks when you first met? Well, it is quite possible for you to repeat history and make it happen again. You know exactly what he likes about you, so go all out to be that way again, and more.

Spoil yourself in the process – have a massage to relax yourself, and have a complete makeover as well. Not only will you look absolutely stunning, but you will feel like a million dollars as well. This will boost your confidence sky high, and make you eager to improve yourself even more. Now you are ready to do what it takes to make your ex boyfriend hit on you again!

As soon as you feel that you are ready to face the world again, call up your friends and tell them that you want to join in all their activities. Let them know that you are thrilled to be single again, and want to make up for lost time – you want to get back into the social world again.

Your friends are not going to believe how fantastic you look. When they tell your ex boyfriend this, he is going to become very curious as to how you got over the break up so quickly. This is great, because he has got the idea now that when he walked out on you, you weren’t so cut up after all.

The more he hears about what a great time you’re having, the more curious he will become. There is no doubt that other guys are going to become interested in the new stunning you, and this will also bother your ex no end! He won’t like the fact that other guys might just get what he was stupid enough to throw away. This will make your ex boyfriend want to hit on you again.

It’s all a matter of making yourself look as fantastic as possible, have fun, and be inaccessible to him, to make your ex want to hit on you again.

Source by Ilona Benes

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