Drink THIS For Massive Fasting Benefits – 15 Intermittent Fasting Drinks

15 intermittent fasting drinks + bonus – Don’t mess up all your success from fasting by drinking the wrong drinks while you are intermittent fasting no matter what your goals are: weight loss, reversing insulin resistance or type 2 diabetes, stay in ketosis, or up regulating autophagy. Are you Fasting and wondering which drinks will break your fast or not? Find out what liquids to drink while fasting that will keep you in a fasted state. Doctor Ekberg explains the drinks for weight loss, insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, keto, autophagy and more details on the beverage. You will learn if drinking coffee while fasting is okay, diet soda, teas, juices and more.

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🔷 Benefits Of Fasting Series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N1zjLsnHDPo&list=PLpTTF6wMDLR7jgylgzCHKgvS7prb8eqPT


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  1. Thank you so much. I'm trying to get one meal a day, which means in the evening, for intermittent fasting 24 hours and I'm missing my coffee so much. So I'm allowed to have coffee with a spoon of xylit and a little bit of almond milk? In the morning? Without affecting or breaking the fast?

  2. After drinking, lots of water for 2 years and no problem: One night, I go to bed, and I peed like crazy, all night, with little . Little control. NOW, I drink less and pee even more. I still cannot sleep, and pee maybe 5 to 8 times a night, from 9 until 6 am. I have been on a salt free diet, for 30 years. If I take salt, I gain weight like crazy. I am Keto, lost weight, 252 from 299 and look and feel great, but need more sleep. HELP

  3. I hope I will get an answer. I have been asking so many doctors/ functional about green tea; but no respond. I have been drinking green tea forever and recently I read an article that because green tea has lead it might cause cancer!!!! So if the tea itself is an antioxidant; should we continue to consume or it really causes cancer?

  4. Hi Dr. Ekberg. I was thin my entire life. When I reached my 30s I began to get fat ! I have a stomach , I have love love handles . No matter what I eat, I gain fat !. I use to eat anything and would remain thin. I just don’t know what to do 😫😬

  5. Very informative. Who d4inks bone broth? Disgusting? Surely there is no benefits to bone broth.
    The world would be a much beeper place without soda and tobacco. So many people are addicted to the caffeine in cola. Should be banned. Billions of cans sold every day. I was shocked by the cola statistics. So high Warren Buffett invested millions in buying shares. Water and herbal tea does it for me. Apple cider vinegar I take in tablet form these days with dandelion and artichoke included which is great for detoxing the liver.

  6. thank you so much! while fasting for 3 days I chose to drink matcha. it is in a superfood blend that includes moringa a plant based protein. I used 14 teaspoon. do you think I interrupted the autophagy that I was looking for? please advise.

  7. Have been doing this for a week ,cannot wait to fast everyday and give body a chance to recover from decades of "abuse". Bread,sugar packaged foods.
    I am on 18/6 and I never thought I would be sucking on a squeezed lemon to get all the pulp and goodness out.
    Sour cream, plain yogurt,apple cider vinegar sardines,salmon,vegetables…..Now I have to find a good Keto bread recipe

  8. I have one thing to note about bottled water is depending on the country you live in the tap water is actually more clean than bottled measured in the level of bacteria. An example is Denmark, Sweden, Norway.

  9. Thumbs up to your perfect English Dr Sten that even I (essentially Chinese-speaking) can follow almost 100% of your presentation. First time in my life tempted by your guidelines to try some form of fasting in the near future. Since I have a big sweet tooth, is there any problem to drink honey water (sometimes with lemon) on a daily basis? I have some belly fat but not on any medication.

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