Eat Junk Food and Stay Skinny?

Eat Junk Food and Stay Skinny. Is it possible? Why do people do eat a lot and not gain weight? Is there such a thing as healthy fast food? Learn if you can lose weight or maintain weight by eating junk food and what the junk food is doing to your body. Are you want it for just weight loss or if your goal is for health? If you want to stay skinny or get skinny and want to eat whatever you want you will want to know what happens to your body and what the, if any, future conciseness are. Dr Ekberg, with Wellness For Life, also talks about low carb diets and the keto diet and how people are eating those in a healthy and un-healthy way.

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  1. I do know one person who eats lots of refined carbs, and eats tiny amounts, about 12 times a day. He is emaciated. I don't know how he stays so skinny. If I ate like he does, I wouldn't be able to fit through a normal sized door.

  2. Doctor Ekberg… In the thumbnail, are you exacerbated by all the junk food on the plate? Or, are you amazed at how hot the model is on the other side? Can't quite tell which one you are looking, but your expression fits both equally well.

  3. Only if you're young and very active, but it's still mostly poison and shouldn't be consumed on a regular basis .Pack a healthy lunch and then you don't have to worry about what fast food slop house you're going to go to each day .

  4. Im on keto but i eat grainfed fats, what do this mean to me? It is very difficult to find grassfed meats here in the philippines. Does it mean im not actually on ketosis?

  5. For people like me with refractory epilepsy food is all about brain health. I follow a strict Keto so I don’t have to go back to seizures and meds than didn’t even work . People think that it’s all about weight, nothing further from the truth

  6. Hey Sten, this is an excellent video. Every person in the world needs to watch this. So many people have no idea what they are doing to their health. Thanks so much for sharing this information!

  7. That makes a lot of sense. Junk is junk, and no matter how skinny you are, you are still poisoned if you eat it.
    I've read that a high amount of fat is hard on the gall bladder and protein on the kidneys. How can that be counteracted?

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