Eat This For Massive Fasting Benefits

Have you wondered what you can eat when you are doing intermittent fasting? If you are trying to lose weight or belly fat or even fasting for the health benefits like autophagy see what you can eat for massive fasting benefits.

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  1. Been on OMAD…cut out smoking, alcohol, sugary drinks & processed foods and lost 36lbs in 7 weeks…three more weeks and I’ll be at a healthy weight…I sleep better, think better and my general health and well-being has improved so much…why is intermittent fasting not at the forefront???20 years of damaging my body will be reversed in 10 weeks!!!

  2. Dr Ekberg,
    Thank you for the excellent video as always. I just have one question. I noticed when you talked about the fats such as sour cream and heavy cream etc, you did not mention any types of yogurt. I'm sure you talk about yogurt in other videos but what are your thoughts on yogurt and what types are best? What kind of carb content should we be looking for in yogurt? Thank you!

  3. I am on IF for about two years and it became very natural to me. I fast between 6-7 pm to 11am -12pm the next day. All I have during this time is coffee in the morning (black, no sugar) and water, plain or with lemon juice. I am overweight, at 5'5'' I weigh 209lb, 59y. As you can imagine, I am stressed because of the extra weight and that's for years. I was never able to shed it off because of my addiction to carbs. I yo-yoed for about 20 years, but in the past 8 or so I was around the same weight. Then I've decided for IF and it was easy for me to do the transition, but what I've noticed is that when i exclude carbs, especially starches, i lose some weight and as soon as I introduce some back (for example a piece of bread or some potatoes), i gain all back, still being on IF. Even with just non-starchy veggies for carbs, the weight is very stubborn and it does not move downwards as expected and constant, it's a continuous back and forth. I try to eat less fat because I have no gallbladder anymore (i had it removed 20 years ago) and the fat creates heaviness and digestion issues for me. I eat meat, but I need some veggies with it and that's where my weight loss stalls. I am kind of stuck in this cycle with no solution, I must do something wrong, but I don't know what. I don't take any kind of medication.
    All this just to say that dr.Ekberg is right, just fasting with no alteration in the meal composition is not working for everybody.
    I am still not giving up 🙂

  4. I’m the “tough case” I’m 57, Thanks for all of these videos, it’s like you made them with me in mind🤣 I’m on the Keto way, I’ve lost 25lbs, I need another 10 to feel comfortable, Thank you!

  5. When you do this you can afford better quality food. You’ll be embarrassed when you realize how much food you use to eat and how much garbage you were consuming. The $ savings is eye opening.

  6. I put myself in the hospital doing a 3-day fast years ago, before I found out I have an underactive Thyroid. I wish I had heard Dr. Ekberg's tips and methods of getting your body ready, by going from 3 meals a day plus snacks, down to only 2 meals a day. Then he shows you how stretch the times between your last meal of the day longer and longer.

    I have been on KETO over a year, and now easily go 12-20 hours between meals. I could probably successfully do a water fast now that I am NOT carb-addicted, and now that my underactive Thyroid is medicated.

    Back when I was hospitalized for fasting complications, I would only go 2-3 hours between meal/sugary snacks or else I would get a headache or even migraine. I was nowhere close to ready to start a fast.

  7. Thanks so much. For the first time .. from your various videos .. I really understand intermittent fasting and how it helps with insulin resistance and the incessant hunger.
    Please can you post a YouTube video on how to reverse GERD and how to get off anti reflux meds like Altosec. Regards Karen

  8. Make your own creme fraiche: 2 cups heavy cream in glass container, add 3 tbsp of buttermilk or yougurt, stir, loosely cover and leave in warm place for 24 hours, stir, cover properly, put into fridge for 24 hours, stir again and voila: your own fabulous creme fraiche and it lasts for a few weeks in the fridge.

  9. About those raw nuts and seeds, we should remember to soak them in water for at least 6 hours before eating to wash away all the anti-nutrients from the surface of the nut or seed. If we eat them without this procedure, they will drive out minerals and other nutrients from our body. It's a protection mechanism of the seed against bacteria, fungi and other species.

  10. We like Newman's Own Balsamic Vinaigrette and now deal with the canola oil content by letting is stand an pouring off the floating oil, replacing it with EVOO. Opinion? Also, what about peanut oil? We buy single ingredient, organic peanutbutter and some oil sits on top. Obviously not processed (much). Is bottled peanut oil OK for cooking?

  11. I started out IF 16/8 and eating whatever I wanted. Didn’t work.
    Then I went to IF 18/6 and ate keto with the keto bread and keto crackers, etc., and lots of meat and fat. Didn’t work very well.
    Then I went to IF 20/4 and gave up all grains, all sugars, and all high carb fruits and veggies, and all keto processed.
    Now I’m doing IF 20/4 and only eating low carb fruits and veggies (whole foods only) and healthy proteins and fats. THIS is working great!
    I’m glad I stuck it out until I found my dream lifestyle!

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