Eliminate Negative Thoughts Through Self Inspection

We all have them, you do, I do, we all do – those negative thoughts that invade our mind and sap our strength. Negative thoughts make us worry and defeat us before we start. You cannot afford to permit negative thoughts to defeat you. 

You can eliminate negative thinking by reflecting on the way you think about things. Do you:


Feel sorry for yourself?


Pass judgment on other people?


Blame your failings on other people or circumstances beyond your control?


Feel you are entitled to something belonging to someone else?


Believe that you will fail or are likely to fail?


Think you will fail because others have or because you have in the past?


These are the chief negative thoughts. If you find them in your thinking you must take action to stamp them out immediately and replace them with the opposite positive thoughts-


You are thankful for all your blessing despite any problems you may have.


You do not judge others. They have their own challenges to meet.


You do not blame others for your failings – you seek to improve yourself, the only thing over which you have control.


You will succeed! Given the right attitude and enough effort you will succeed and you know it!


It does not matter if others have failed – you will succeed!


If it sounds simple or even silly to formulate positive beliefs over negative ones it is only because you have not yet come to appreciate how powerful your thoughts are. Remember that you will become what you think and believe. This is not just a theory – this has been verified and demonstrated by thousands of successful people over the centuries.


Be positive. Believe it is possible. Stamp out all negative thinking – this is essential to success and happiness in life.

Source by Daniel Murphy

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