Excess Sleep Causes Strokes! Real Doctor Reviews New Study

Ever heard that sleep is important? A new study says excessive sleepiness can actually cause a stroke. In this study they found people who slept 9 hours or more increased their chances of stroke and if they took naps that risk went up to 85% chance of having a stroke. Dr. Ekberg reviews this shocking new sleep study, and explains what you should be concerned about. Everyone wants Stay Asleep Naturally, but is this going to be a sleep problem if you sleep too long?

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  1. Your criticism is absolutely essential to thinking properly. The media is always imputing association and causality, implying what they want the data to say, and muddling up our ability to think properly. The scientific method is a negative critical process that must be used properly. Thank you for clarifying this for your students.

  2. What if i havent got enough sleep during my 5 days work and then i tend to sleep longer hours during my 3 off days (to kinda compensate for the loss of my sleep during my worl days) is that considered sleeping long and more?

  3. Amazing. Dr. Ekberg "Cuts it out in cardboard" – as we say in danish. Sounds so basic, but at the same time frightening that so called scientists tend to jump to conclusions.
    As he and others have explained in many other videos, the body is in "repair mode" during sleep. Cleansing the brain…. Loaded with growth hormon… How can that be a bad thing?

    Anyway, I've been dealing with headaches due to stress, lack of sleep, etc. Like lack of sleep, it is also commonly known that too much sleep at once can also cause headaches.
    I'm curious to understand why that is?

  4. One big tragedy of cause and association mistake was made by China CCP Mao and his followers by exterminating sparrows after observing sparrows ate grains causing famine where millions died of starvation when locust ate all their grains with no sparrows to control locust.

  5. What to say about a healthy, sportive, positive, happy who works in not properly oxygenated room due so many facts and all blood pressure occurs only on lack of oxygen more of that after stroke produced in youngs no medication only plants
    So my point is
    Lack of oxygen, lack of breathing mechanism developed to save oxygen when you have to breathe in the same room with not sportive person that don't open windows for breathing and fresh air
    And why you don't say after a stroke you are stronger due to the fact new circuit is created neurologic and everything in brand new and should be learned to used as babies do
    So a stroke is simple an accident like car accidents
    Mind is doing everything perfect if you make a mind setup and have as before the accident a perfect life minus lack of oxygen

    Cause for stroke is lack of oxygen
    Any person that work by saving oxygen can do strokes being perfect healthy and after the stroke is perfect healthy if don't take drugs!
    What do you say about this dr? I follow you because I love your theories and the way you present but in this theme allow me to say my personal opinion, happening to me
    Mind setup is everything
    I wish you a wonderful day

  6. Excellent video. Thank you so much. I liked your mentioning of the healthcare system too- the gym, yoga, chiropractic, naturopath. Add nature, sports, meditation, Tai chi, walking, whole foods and so on.

  7. I respectfully disagree with the blanketed statement that poor health is the only underlying reason for strokes. There are other instances that cause stroke other than poor health, such as a narrowed artery where a blood clot can form. Unfortunately, I have first hand knowledge of this. I have none of the risk factors nor underlying poor health conditions, yet I had a stroke at 50 due to a narrowed artery at the base of my head within four days of having a chiropractic adjustment done on my neck.

  8. Another excellent video….I am so happy to see someone in health and medical fields using logic. It is very rare. This video clearly showed the difference between cause and association. Thank you.

  9. This happened to me. Slept a lot and was in bed most of the day due to depression, and ended up having a near stroke, blacked out and fell in the bathroom. No history of any such thing. Came out of the blue.

  10. I think there's many inadequacy with the stydy and cant agree much with the study. I wish next time doc, you will make a video how to clearly fight stroke if you feel some abnormalities in blood works.

  11. A holistic doctor, if I ever met one, would restore my "faith" in health care system. I often have a strong headache after oversleeping to approximately 10 hours. I can't guess anything about the underlying mechanism. Maybe related to consumed coffee. It's not just eating and sugar, because being awake doesn't cause the symptom.

  12. Beautifully explained thanks. I’ve a lot of experience in studying empirical data and you have highlighted the single major mistake made by junior statisticians.

    A typical example is climate change when Michael Mann observed that temperature went up when carbon dioxide went up. When it was shown that first temperature, then carbon dioxide rose, it was too late for him to retract his position and we have the climate circus today. The real situation is that when temperature rises from natural forces such as solar energy variations and earth orbital variations, carbon dioxide is expelled from the oceans and the land.

  13. Oh, I love the way you explained it as usual and laughed when you talked about “sick care system”! It’s so true! Thank you Dr. Ekberg. Wishing you safe and healthy always.

  14. I've watched the video in absolute amazement how could someone calling himself a doctor come up with such an absurd statement like a sleep causing strokes! Maybe China wants to force already odd and sick people to cut down their sleeping time and work more to get rid of elderly part of their excessive population. Bad joke, sorry, but I has just popped into my mind 🤔

  15. Hi Doc I have a question. I sometimes feel a lot tired after late night work, I have dinner and go to bed. Is it fine to sleep right after having dinner? Or should I wait for sometime?

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