Exercise And Sugar Cravings (Why We Crave Sugar After Workout)

You want the Benefits of Exercise but have Sugar Cravings? Here is why we crave sugar after a workout. Do you have sugar cravings after a workout, bodybuilding, go for a run, or a bike ride? Eating sugar after your workout is counter productive and can hinder your health instead of improve it, which is why you are probably trying to workout so hard. What are the reasons why we crave sugar and what can we do about it? Dr Sten Ekberg with Wellness For Life explains how to reduce or stop the sugar cravings you have and why it is happening.



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  1. The only thing I disagree with the good doctor on is his insurance on using specific heartrates that he says are aerobic. He is way too simplistic and his 220 – Your Age = max heart rate is wrong. My max heart rate is less than 150. Via his calculation, it should be 161. Wrong. Way wrong. His mother stuff is great!

  2. I just learned the difference between the alactic (creatine phosphate) anaerobic system and the glycolytic (lactate) anaerobic system. Apparently you can do short (ten seconds or less) bursts of explosive effort without significantly activating the glycolytic/lactic acid system. A minute of easy aerobic jogging (or just walking) between these bursts is sufficient to recharge the alactic system. Some people call this approach the A + A (Aerobic + Alactic) protocol for conditioning … allowing high frequency Grease-the-Groove style strength training without DOMS, etc. The A+A people were Kettle Bell trainers. However it is equally applicable to barbells, dumbells, body weight, etc. e.g. heavy but submaximal singles or doubles with ample rest between … even HIIT, as long as the intervals are kept under ten seconds apiece. Keeping your heart rate below the anaerobic thresh-hold is necessary but not sufficient for avoiding glycolytic metabolism. If you feel a gradual buildup of lactate, shorten the bursts and stretch out the recovery segments. Sound plausible?

  3. I find that taking a tea spoon honey before going into my high intensity workout like boxing and running a do much better, especially in terms of endurance, and i still feel strong and good afterwords with only a minimal suger and carb craving. Everything also tends to taste better and have more taste, probably do to the exercises helping cleanse my system.

  4. Hi Dr Ekberg. Thanks for this great video. Could you please help me with my problem?. I have this problem in years now. I always hungry att night time, it doesn't matter if I eat my meals throw the day or not. Have been at gym or not.
    I been doing koto 2 years now, but the problem still. It's not sweet craving, it's more about hunger. I hope you can help me. Many thanks Dr.

  5. After a workout that demands glucose (HIT, weight lifting, bodybuilding style), would be recommendable to have a meal full of CH after the workout? From my point of view, it would refill muscle glycogen. The bad side would be the insulin peak but if the WO is performed once every 4-5 days and in the shorter time possible (20-30 min) it would't be so bad for a healthy person. On the other hand, to perform and advance in this kind of workout you need muscle glycogen, is it possible being on ketosis while keeping full muscle glycogen stores or it will be used as fuel before start using fats? It is my big dilemma. If you eat "clean", just a 5% of CH, and you are fat adapted, CH shouldn't be used to get most of the energy and muscle glycogen stores shouldn't be spent. Thank you very much for your videos, I really like them.

  6. Thank you very much ! I'm 24 and I train lot. I workout every day and I do high intensity workouts. I was wondering what was wrong with me that I'm always craving something sweet post workout. I am more of savory person and don't like dessert or store snacks. What I do to get rid of this is that I drink my protein shake and that craving just goes away instantly but I'm not sure if that the best way to get rid of that craving eheheh. Any suggestions?

  7. Hi. I would like to know what happens to the blood sugar when we exercise. I'm 55 and I exercise once a week with a coach or teacher and we keep my heart at under 120. I'm trying the keto diet and my blood sugar is well in control now and I'm hopping to reverse insulin resistence. Now that I'm in this diet my sugar in the morning is about 82 to 85. Much better than when I was eating carbs and having 105, 110 blood sugar in the morning. But when I checked my blood sugar after the exercise it was 117mg/dl. After 30 minutes it was 95. Is exercise supose to elevate blood sugar? And then it goes down?

  8. Wow, so interesting. Thank you. I finally understand why my thighs start to feel heavy and burn when doing certain activities. What is the healthiest way for diabetics to increase endurance?

  9. This explains so much! I always felt guilty because after I worked out I wanted a tub of ice cream. I didn't eat it, but I wondered why I got hungry after a workout. Thank you!

  10. Can you talk about heavy metal contamination in health food e.g. I want to order some ashwangha or medicinal mushrooms but know we need to be mindful of the source to avoid lead and mercury. What are safe levels? Any suggested beands? I saw Indigo Herbs and Sevenhills I'm not sure what levels are optimal (obviously FDA maximums are worst case upper limits)

  11. I loved the video, thank you! So the heavy legs are due to lactic acid build up? I always thought that was because the muscle wasn't getting enough air and had no energy left – whereas you say it's primarily due to the side effect of producing energy, and not due to lack of energy itself. That is very interesting! Could you tell more about this? Thanks!

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