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Which is better for your insulin levels? Creamy milk or heavy cream in your coffee or tea? Find out the glycemic index vs insulin index of 6 types of dairy. Doctor explains which is better and healthier for you to drink.

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๐Ÿ”ท Which Is Better Series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_uEWltsZGTI&list=PLpTTF6wMDLR5tjNfMLc-5RpRzxK5D0yqH


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  1. Great presentation. Fats encapsulate which lowers insulin response. Vegetable fiber lowers insulin response when combined with insulin stimulating foods. Glycemic index has no dynamic value which take food combining into account. This is where Ekberg's information becomes extremely valuable when you start understanding human biology. The body is not a statue it is a dynamic metabolic factory which constantly adapts to survive as efficiently as it can. I learn alot from you Sten.

  2. I am so confused because i thought the sugar in diary was all lactose? Lactose is processed through the liver soooo no insulin response… right. He never address lactose so i am left wondering what He is saying and does milk contain other sugar????

  3. What about lactose free skim milk? My wife drinks about 8 liters a week. I have been putting half & half in my coffee, but I feel better on days when I drink black coffee. My breakfast is a cup or two of coffee. Sometimes I have a cup of decaf coffee after lunch and another after super.

  4. How is it possible thet skimmed milk is got more shugar than the whole milk? Shoudn't be the other way arround? And about the yougurt, I normally buy the one with 0 added sugar… I guess numbers would be different then…

  5. Why are we assuming that low fat yogurt has added sugar. We are talking everything plain. Added sugar in butter will also raise insulin response. Let's not talk about unknown amounts of added sugar

  6. I eat a whole fat greek yoghurt sometimes and combine it with the highest vit c fruit i can find as well as some almonds and macademia, because i am a little worried of vitamins, esp. for immune system boost…usually thats some guava or papaya….hope thats still ok on carb intake.

  7. This is when considering 100 GRAMs. Whats ur opinion is making tea and coffee with small quantities of full fat milk(whole milk). Lets say 20-30 grams. Will that trigger insulin alot ? If yes how long it stays elevated?

  8. Hello, Sten, can you create a keto profile for kefir and yogurt made with high fat milks and creams? I think this is a good hack to reduce lactose in the end product but I'd love to see how it's quantified-that is if you're interested in highlighting. Also how much lactose is removed when we strain these products? Thank you.

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