Fake Burger: Better Than Meat & Saves The Planet?

Have you ever wondered if vegetable based burger are better and healthier than meat burgers? Fake Burger: Better Than Meat? Real Doctor Reacts. Everyone has talked about the taste and a few tidbits about saving the planet, but no one is talking about if they are Good for YOU! Real Doctor Reacts to the Impossible Burger and Beyond Burger’s ingredients and the true impact on the environment.

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  1. I have been in the us for more than 30 years I don't eat any beef, or burger just fish, or chicken. most is sardine, salmon no tuna. I don't eat any process food I'm from Europe until I came in the us the crap foods. The first thing I saw it's this cheese cake than you need drink a lots of water from the American Airline's food call this cake LOL and never eat this cheese cake again. the most of all never seen in my life this AMERICA BLUE CAKE in the stores doesn't exist in Europe patisseries stores in the 80 90 in my time or maybe they have now American are good to sale this crap around the world Start. the humberger start to show up in France in the 80 90 , and Mick Donald I'm sure this store will show up on Mars or on the Moon in the future LOL I hate process American foods.

  2. Eat beans best plant protein source! I'm 75 have been eating beans for my protein source over 20 yrs. I have no allergic reactions and I'm on no medications or drugs at all. And why plant food have to look like meat?

  3. Dr. Ekberg you are spot on with your explanation of grain fed cattle vs grass fed cattle. Grass fed beef cattle is the only way if you consume beef. Anything else is really just man made.

  4. These videos are very helpful. But the more I watch them.. the more I realize there’s really nothing I can eat or drink to stay healthy, or lose fat, or gain protein. Everything has a problem to it. I know it’s the industry.. but seriously.. nothing is safe to eat

  5. I've read Dr. Weston Price's Nutrition and Physical Degeneration. It was a long time ago, and I read it because a lot of vegan diets were recommending it. This is weird because, and no less than twice, he wrote that he had not found a sufficient diet which lacked meat. I don't remember the exact phrasing, but he was very clear that some form of meat was necessary.

  6. The thing is that from the last century "advanced, first world" nations in order to keep the "progress" going up sacrifice the only thing that keeps up healthy and happy witch is food. Meanwhile" poor" countries eat better and more healthy. Cooking their own food, don't overeat and don't use fake food. Eat animals, but the whole animal. Eat the plants fresh and unprocessed.

  7. Tack så mycket Dr. Sten Ekberg!

    I must say your videos are extremely good, because you really put things into perspective by asking the right questions and answering them properly.
    In this video, I love how you bring up the common arguments and dissect them so that we could better understand the topic (or see the whole picture). It's important to know how all different aspects in the system interact with each other and how it affects the planet and our health, so please keep bringing up your in-depth explanations! I'm totally listening!

    Also, recent years my health has become pretty bad (PCOS, HS, acne, obesity etc…). By learning more about food and nutrition from an alternative perspective has really helped me. It's really depressing to get "treated" with only conventional medicine and a standard approach that only covers the symptoms. My goal is to make better choices by taking small steps in the right direction and with this video you have further inspired me to choose environmentally sustainable options that are good for our health! Closer to earth – closer to good health! 🙂

    Thanks again for all the knowledge you share with us, I appreciate it very much!!

  8. nixtamalization is a form a processing that makes nutrients accessible. However, it's an added step that increases cost. Most food processing these days in the West is about reducing cost or removing undesirable parts.

  9. Huge fan, love your videos. But I’m just here to point out that plant based foods are good for the environment not because they save resources in terms of the artificial plants we feed the cows but rather that every plant we feed the cows/what the cows do make a huge difference in carbon emission. Pretty much a hundred time difference and it’s true that vegans who drive cars basically emit less co2 than us even if we ride bikes to work. With that being said I completely agree with the fact that these burgers aren’t actually good for you, but then again I think more than 99% of the people only eat plant based diet for the sake of good morals and its holiness so proving a point in the quality of this product kinda doesn’t have a purpose…

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