Fall Asleep And Stay Asleep Naturally! (Adrenals Keeping You Up? )

Fall Asleep And Stay Asleep Naturally. Adrenal fatigue, melatonin, adrenaline and cortisol all play a part in how you sleep. Learn how to fall asleep faster and stay asleep easily with these easy tips.As you have all your sleep problems explained.

You will learn about Insomnia Relief so you can Sleep Better. Have you ever had Insomnia? Feel like you Can’t Stay Asleep? or have you ever wondered Does Adrenal Fatigue Cause Sleep Problems? If you have issues with going to sleep, called insomnia, or staying a sleep your adrenals might be to blame. Learn how blood sugar, cortisol, melatonin, and adrenal fatigue all play a part in how well you sleep and what you can do to help.

Dr. Ekberg explains where the adrenal glands are located, how they are used to help you fall asleep and stay sleep too. You will learn about adrenaline and cortisol and their rolls in how well you sleep too. You will see how your diet and stress levels play a roll in how well you sleep or not too.



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  1. Dr. Sten your talks are very good and very important for our health. But you use words which are difficult for a lay person to understand. If you explain in simple words may be at the end, I think more people can take advantage of your talks, you take somuch trouble to explain. Thanks

  2. I have a low carb diet, and my sleep is nearly non-existent. I know people who eat nothing but garbage and can sleep 8-10 hours. It is so frustrating to not sleep. Out of the last 4 nights, I have slept a total of 5 or so hours (not each night, but a total over the 4 nights) I have a hard time functioning. I have done everything right, and sleep will not come. Then I get stressed out about not being able to sleep, and it makes the problem worse. Your explanation is excellent though.

  3. This is one of the best doctors I have listened to He has amazing control over all the subjects Now I understand about a lot of the phenomena I have covered Thank you very much

  4. This is what I'm understanding from this video:
    If I do IF, say 24h, my cortisol levels would be high through out that time, and consequently that prevents melatonin production. Is that why I can't sleep?

  5. Wonderful info thank you … I'll try and implement .. I am very strict with 16 hr daily fasting period and also quite low carbs (100 ish g ) and high fat. But I eat way too late .. often ridiculous .. tonight looks like 11pm when I finish my 2nd meal

  6. My diet is reasonably good – I also take 3mg Melatonin every night ! I’m waking at 2am every morning and just lay in bed wide awake until it’s time to get up ! I can’t remember the last time I slept right through ! Drives me insane

  7. So interesting. I've always had problems sleeping. I've had asthma all my life. My doctor's only want to prescribe steroid inhalers and now put me on cholesterol meds. I finally said no more. I quit eating refined sugar, processed foods, all the bad foods you say not to eat. I've always been smaller built and active but with some breathing problem my doctor's didn't know how to fix. Hope it's not too late for me…Thank you for your knowledge! Love, Love your videos!

  8. Why do the kidneys work so hard at night? I take 150 ml water around 10 pm to swallow magnesium ( after late walk/ swim) so that I won't get thirsty during sleep. Is that a poor practice as inevitably I wake around 4.30- 5 am with a full bladder. I take ,virtually no sugar in my diet except 2 squares of 85% cocoa chocolate after evening meal at 18.30.

  9. The doctor makes sense. But what about the contradictions?
    he tells us elsewhere that nothing like fasting. Which means no snacking. And now the sugar goes down at night because of having no snack after dinner?
    He is also downplaying carbs too much. Any heart specialist will tell you to go easy on animal products so one has to have whole grain carbs etc.
    It seems to me he is over simplifying things.
    The strangest thing is the experts in medicine do not agree with one another.
    Bottom line, see view points of other doctors also and don't treat any presentation as gospel.

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