Fasting vs Eating Less For Weight Loss and Fat Burn

To Lose Weight & Burn Fat should you Fast or Eat Less? Fasting is very popular from Intermittent Fasting to Longterm Fating. Fasting means you don’t eat for a time period, so how different it is from eating less food? Is it about eating less calories? You will learn the anwser to thse and other details about fasting and eating less.


🔷 15 Intermittent Fasting Mistakes:

🔷 Amazing New Study Reveals Miracle Benefits Of Fasting:

🔷 What To Eat On One Meal A Day (OMAD):

🔷 What Is Autophagy?

Welcome to Benefits Of Fasting by Dr. Sten Ekberg; a series where I try to tackle the most important health issues of the day in a natural and safe way including the benefits of intermittent fasting, fasting and autophagy. If you have suggestion for the next topic leave your comment below. Remember to make your comments positive and uplifting even if you disagree with something that was said by me or others.

🔷 Benefits Of Fasting Series:


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  1. Thanks for this video. I'm doing keto and I'm struggling with a plateau. But after watching your video I'm going to do IF more frequently. I just hope that will work. Thanks again

  2. I have noticed one thing: with OMAD I lost a lot (obviously I was eating less) and the I added keto and I think I might have even started gaining weight (probably eating quite a lot more intense caloric food) Obviously stress is an issue, but I just realised: I do not know how my body tells me if I am hungry. today it was the first time I asked my self seriously: how hungry am I? It is so weird that I do not know, I hope that in the long run I'll find an answer

  3. Thanks a lot Dr.
    Living an unhealthy lifestyle "for years" is worse than death. It's a waste of our precious life, given by God.
    You are indeed saving "lives", by your enlightening videos.
    May God bless you.
    Thanks again.

  4. There are still people on fasting message boards saying that IF alone isn't enough for weight loss; you ALSO have to reduce calories and/or do keto. This video says it's NOT necessary. Do I understand that correctly?

  5. I do 18:6 IF every day, eating 2 meals a day (no snacks) and less than 50g of carbs. I’ve found that my hunger has definitely subsided and I do not get too hungry between meals. Because of this I can only eat about 1000-1200 cal a day (I’m not purposely restricting calories). Is this normal? Should I up my calories even though I’m 100% satiated after each meal?

  6. Fantastic video with incredible graphs/diagrams to help me visualize it!! Thank you so much Dr. Ekberg. I have been doing IF for 18 months. And my set point has lowered dramatically. I use to hover around 198# but now hover around 174#. The trick for me was to give up wheat, rye and barley. They trigger hunger. Read WHEAT BELLY by Dr. Davis.

  7. Allways follow your videos in terms of my weight-loss journey. Thank you 🙏 very much for explaining in the most scientific and realistic manner. Being a doctor myself, I have referred your videos to many of my patients. Most of them have successfully lost weight and still continuing.

  8. Dr Ekberg thanks a lot for your motivational and informative lectures by following your advice I have reversed my diabetes and lost 77 pounds in 10 months mind you I am 61 years old thanks again

  9. Hmmmm… didn’t quite agree with this video.. you didn’t take into consideration of the dawn affect.. my sugar raises significantly every morning after waking up.. so your model didn’t coincide with my numbers of blood glucose.. very confusing.. I have watched many of your videos. But this one didn’t make sense to me.. sorry..

  10. Tack för en lärorik video. Jag undrar om man kan leva ett hälsosamt liv om man kör periodisk fasta 18-6 livet ut och om svaret är ja, vad behöver man ta hänsyn till om man lever på detta viset?

  11. Change your habits, change your mental and physical wellbeing. The media were killing us. They were recommending unhealthy food and unhealthy politics. Then Dr Ekberg and Trump came along and pointed out the right way. They both swam against the current for the people.

  12. I still don't know how to keep the weight off…and how many calories should I be eating to loose weight when fasting and surely the body will lower metabolism once you lost weight??? even though we IF??? I mean once you weight 10 kg less your metabolism just cant be burning the same amount of calories right?

  13. My bloodwork proved that what you say are true. The last 5 years my triglycerides and cholesterols were in the 245-325 no matter what I did. After 7 months of intermittent fasting and low carb, my cholesterol went down to 200 and my triglyceride went down from 241 to 59! And I ate a lot of fat. I used to be afraid of salt, fatty meat and butter.

  14. Brilliant videos. You seem to know what you are talking about!! x I've been at IF for about a month now. Can I ask: Is it worth me going the extra mile and increasing my fasting window from 16:8 to 18:6? Does it make a big difference? At the moment I am eating between 10am and 6pm – most of the time! Moving that 10am to 12pm is a bit more of a life-style shift and will require a lot more commitment, mostly mentally (and risking derogatory comments from my other half who just doesn't get it!) Is it worth it? Thank you.

  15. Dr. Ekberg, I have listened to all the channels about fasting (Berg, Mindy, DeLauer, and many more). Your style of explanation is extremely easy to follow and understand. Also, I appreciate your calm and gentle demeanor. You are the winner in my book! Thank you for sharing this important information for our health.

  16. Thank you for explaining this to me in a way I can understand how my body should function to be healthy. You explain it so much easier to understand then other You Tube so call Drs.

  17. 2 questions: Is this safe and effective for applying during menopause? If you’re working out in the morning, is it ok to fast until later? I’ve always heard you need to have protein right after work out. Thank you for this excellent video!

  18. Nice video. I've been doing this(18/6 Intermittent fasting) for 8 weeks and I lost 37 lbs. I started at 240 lbs and now beeing 203 lbs. I combined this low carb diet, walking in forrest(1 hour 5 times a week) and high intensity intervall training(4x30seconds(25 minutes) twice a week). I'm 54 years old male and I have been eating bad for 35 years. I even got my gallbladder removed and a huge thrombosis in my right leg. Seems like my body is recovering very fast. I thought this would take 10 years to recover, but it seems like my body is able to recover much faster. Only 18 lbs to loose to get to my weight loss goal, and then I will start eating more to keep the weight at the same level. I plan to continue this way of living for the rest of my life. I expected this to take much longer time though.

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