Feeling Cold On Keto? (or I.F. Intermittent Fasting)

Feeling Cold On Keto or intermittent fasting? Freezing or feeling cold on keto is something people feel on a ketogenic diet. A lot of people say they have cold hands or cold feet when eating a keto diet or in ketosis. Does the Ketogenic diet make you cold? Let’s focus on what it may be.

Feeling cold when you are eating a ketogenic diet or intermittent fasting means that the body is not producing enough energy. Either it is actually short on energy or it is perceiving that it is short on energy.

Most people starting the keto diet have a lot of spare energy in the form of body fat, so if the person is still feeling cold it is because the body cannot access the fat. The most common reason is insulin resistance because insulin is a fat storing hormone which prevents the burning of fat.

When people are starving and have inadequate body fat the body is actually low on fuel, but if the person has plenty of body fat then the reason for the cold is that the body does not have access to the fuel.

The same holds true for intermittent fasting. If the body is cold it is not good at burning fat. If you are fully adapted to ketones and fat burning and not too lean, the cold should not be a problem.

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  1. Mine is due to a side effect of a pill I'm taking I struggle to eat 1200 calories and about 100g carbs, I'm a runner with an average speed of 10.2kph. The effects were immediate I'm so cold. I'm miserable. Wishing I'd a fireplace in my apartment and too weak to even go for a walk. It's not helped by the fact I've a slow heart rate as well. The other pill would have dropped it to forties high 30s. I've to force feed myself altered sense of taste and tiredness. Stopped walking altogether due to exhaustion. I'm going to neurologist to hopefully find root cause of migraines as no-one knows at this stage. It's upsetting.

  2. What about SNP's that impact ones abiity to metabolise fat for energy and to create heat? Would seriously apreciate your viewpoint Dr Sten Ekberg because i have relevant SNPs plus a Leptin receptor SNP and i get so hypothermic i cant think straight and i cant sustain keto

  3. I've been on a keto/medically assisted weight loss diet for 3 months and still get cold quite a bit. I'm losing weight though, generally between 2-3 lbs per day I'm down 35 lbs so far. My meals are mostly eggs w/egg whites and green veggies, and either ground turkey sausage or regular bacon. Then lunch/dinner is either salmon and green veggies, or sirloin steak with green veggies, and lunch is usually boneless skinless chicken breast or thighs with fruit and veggies (low carb fruit like berries, half an avocado, and greens). If I have dessert, it's a choc zero bar or homemade ice cream (organic full cream low-pasteurized dairy) with erythritol and monk fruit sweetener. I still get big time chocolate cravings (actual chocolate, doesn't have to have sugar in it). I also still drink coffee with 2 tablespoons of half and half. No cheese (or very little cheese) and I have quest bars for when I'm really hungry because sometimes I'm out of the house for 8 hours and have nothing. I'm eating around 1000 calories per day so I assumed the cold is from calorie restriction and because I don't eat at the same times every day. I'd love to know more about how to become fat adapted, because I must not be if I'm cold and tired.

  4. So I have Pcos and started keto 4-5 days ago. I’m FREEZING and feel like garbage. I’m also restricted my calories 3wk before going keto. I’ve been doing a LOT of research and I’m worried bc I do have some what of a fatty liver and slightly elevated cholesterol and worried that keto will be worse for me then good… but with PCOS this could be a normal symptom with my liver and not necessarily high fat diet. Do you have any advice on this. Also how do you feel about carb cycling? I’ve only lost 4lbs dieting for 3wks so I’m pretty frustrated.

  5. I have been diagnosed with insulin resistance, thyroid disorder (T3:rt3 imbalance), pcos, adrenal fatigue, and type 2 diabetes. I have been cold my entire life, even when I was nearly 100 pounds overweight. I’ve lost 67 pounds in the last 7 months by eating up to 30g total carbs a day on a pretty clean diet; 99% of my carbs come from above ground veggies and nuts, seeds, and healthy fats. I average between 500-750 calories deficit each day. I eat this way to manage my blood sugar without medicine, and bc I still have 30-40 pounds to lose. My blood sugar is well controlled.

    I’m so tired of being cold. I’m assuming the 20g he mentioned was net carbs? Am I not in ketosis? Should I knock my carbs down to 20 total per day? Would that help me be warmer?

  6. Why isn't this general knowledge? I am insulin-resistant, Hashimoto and I am struggling with weight so much. Trying keto again but it's hard for me to get into the right nutritional ketosis. I feel cold, fatigued, sleepy and my brain is foggy 🙁

  7. I am full from eating in a 2 hr window and fast for 22 hours and never feel hungry but have not lost any weight other than water in the beginning! My feet, toes and fingers are always cold since doing keto and i sleep great and have no digestion issues! I feel so good that i'm not concerned with weight loss as much as my health issues disappearing day by day which they are as i'm in healing mode! Just wish my feet were warmer when sleeping!

  8. I've been doing keto for fourteen months and I've been feeling cold lately it's really scaring me tbh 😔 I'm 218lbs and 5/9 I'm classed as obese and ever since I've been doing 1500 calories a day I've been feeling cold. Like my chest most of the time..

  9. started keto again after 7 or 8 months of falling off. day 3 today, I've been feeling cold since day 2. 😫 can't wait to get into that fat burning mode.

  10. Hi Dr Sten , I am from India , I do have hypothyroidism and take about 75 mg of Thyroxine . I have dropped my weight from 79 kgs to 70 kgs thru Intermittent fasting and Low carb deit . My problem is that I feel very cold in my feet even if I put in a wooden socks . The outside temp in Bangalore is about 20 Deg Celsius . Any recommendations from you . My target weight is 66 kg as I am 5.5 “ tall

  11. Hi, I'm dieting through exercise and my energy levels are sooo low. My biggest issue is that I have low energy and have lost zest for life. My thyroid is normal.. yet I'm so cold. I'm not on KETO or IF. The only way I can increase my temperature is by gaining weight. Eating a ton of healthy food won't do anything to fix my body temperature if my body weight doesn't increase. I lost 20 pounds over 3 months eating about 1600 calories and exercising lightly but for like 4 hours a day. I am 5'4 and still 185 pounds but my body is so cold. Is it unhealthy to keep losing weight even if I increase my calories to 1800-2000? Inbody says my BMR is 1400. Any advice???

  12. Hi,
    Friends trying extended fasting and found out that they felt cold at night but also bit active which affected sleep. Drinking coffee helped with cold and sleep. Bit of studying lead to possible lead that this is becuase of Orexin based a a study conducted on mice. I am not doctor so just wondering if there another reason to cause this coldness in addition to the two you mentioned.

  13. Hi from Auckland New Zealand! Glad I found you, clear, not to fast, detailed, not upselling. Thank you I finally found someone I can listen too.

  14. am i supposed to just keep going if im cold and hungry on keto while IF? with repeated practice, will this go away? (i have enough body fat that my body just can't seem to tap into)

  15. I was hoping you would address coldness while fasting. I am currently on a 48-hour fast. At about 38 hours in, almost every time (I fast twice a month), I get very cold–hands and feet. Other videos I have seen say this has to do with blood moving to the center of your body to in a way turn white fat into brown fat, and the coldness is a sign that fat burning is occurring in the belly and not metabolism slow-down. Which is it? They also say that caffeine will help with this. About to go have some coffee now.

  16. Thanks for posting this. I’ve been doing Keto and OMAD for a month and got down to below 15% body fat and now I’m freezing even though the temperature is in the 70s. I guess I have to go back to doing 16/8 IF.

  17. Hi there 😊. Love to learn from your videos about health. I joined the keto dieters a few months ago. Wanted to ask you about the 20 grams of carbs you mentioned in the video. Did u mean 20 net carbs or 20 total carbs in order to get into Ketosis and get fat adapted? Thank you 🙏

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