Five Signs Your Second Chakra Needs Strengthening and Five Simple Ways To Strengthen It

“No particle can grow to seedling from anything but the whole. You know this. Why this continuous personal critique?”- Rumi

The Second Chakra

After the First Chakra, the Second Chakra is the next most likely to be blocked or severely weakened. The Second Chakra is sometimes called the Sacral Chakra. It is located along your spine about 2 inches below your belly button. It deals with issues of self-worth, creativity, relationships, pleasure and sexuality and it is blocked and weakened by self-criticism and guilt.

Five Signs Your Second Chakra is Weak

1) You are plagued by guilt, and reluctant or unwilling to forgive yourself for past mistakes. You are constantly judging your worthiness compared to others and tend to avoid the company of people you perceive as more worthy or qualified than you because just being around them makes you feel more inadequate.

2) You have a fragile sense of self-worth which is highly dependent upon pleasing others- especially those you perceive as having power or authority over you. This often results in seeing yourself as a self-sacrificing martyr, often putting others wants and demands before your own needs, all the while harboring silent resentment toward them and self-criticism towards yourself.

3) You get easily offended, hurt or upset by the words and actions of people that you perceive as not appreciating you. You get defensive and tend to condemn others who behave differently than you think they should.

4) You believe that you are flawed and are always under construction. You don’t trust that you can be loved just for being who you already are, believing instead that you have to continually improve yourself to become worthy of being loved, by others and by yourself.

5) You experience any of the following physical symptoms on a frequent or recurring basis: bowel disorders, bladder or urinary tract infections, chronic lower back pain or sexual appetite imbalances (hyper or hypo sexual).

Five Things You Can Do To Strengthen Your Second Chakra

1) Reflection: Read or re-read the parable of the Prodigal Son in the Bible (Luke 15:11-32). Regardless of your religious beliefs, this parable is a powerful story taught by Jesus to help you understand the reality of your innate self-worth. In the parable, the younger son believes that his worth was unearned through his actions and the older son believes that his worth was earned through his actions. The wise father teaches them both that their worth to him is innate and cannot be earned or unearned. This is true of all of us. Really sit with this until you literally feel in your gut that it true for you. Whatever comes up emotionally, let it come up and let it flow- that is what is blocking your Second Chakra.

2) Redefinition: Upgrade your definition of self-forgiveness. To forgive yourself is to give away the idea that you need to be punished for what you’ve done. Yes, all actions have consequences, but consequences are teachers, not judges declaring you unworthy. Let your current circumstances be your teacher and look for lessons in them that will help you make better choices. Stop punishing yourself for your mistakes by believing they make you unworthy. It isn’t productive, it isn’t necessary and it blocks your Second Chakra.

3) Sound Vibration: Sing the word “move” holding out the “ooo” sound as long as your breath allows. The word move provides the proper vowel sound and has meaning related to the Second Chakra. Think of moving onward and upward and not being stuck in guilt and self-criticism anymore. As you hold out the “ooo” sound, bring your attention to your Second Chakra (two inches below your belly button along your spine) and try to feel it vibrating and glowing orange, sending life and health to your lower abdomen and all its vital organs.

4) Chakra Breath: Do the “Bellows” breath. Slowly expand your lower abdomen in all directions, silently drawing in breath through your nose (or mouth if nose is congested). Focus more on opening the space in your abdomen with your muscles and creating a natural vacuum that automatically draws air in rather than inhaling. Hold the breath in for a few counts and then contract the lower abdomen and use your core muscles to press every last bit of air out, bringing your belly button towards your spine. Hold the breath out for a few counts and then repeat the cycle as many times as you like

5) Yoga Asana: Perform the “Hula Hips” yoga asana. Begin in a standing position, feet a bit wider than shoulder width apart, toes pointing forward. Place your hands on your hips and slowly rotate your hips in a clockwise direction, making as large a circle around your centerline as possible while keeping your feet planted. Breathe naturally as you rotate for twenty to thirty seconds in a clockwise direction and then reverse to a counter-clockwise direction for another twenty to thirty seconds. Imagine breaking up all the crustiness and tension held in your hips by years of self-criticism. As self-criticism and guilt are broken away and the orange glow of your Second Chakra begins to shine forth, you gain freedom of motion in all directions, not just physically, but mentally and spiritually as well.

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Source by John Groberg

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