Foods To Control Diabetes Naturally

Foods To Control Diabetes Naturally and help Prevent Diabetes. Choosing the right foods is critical to control and reverse diabetes. Everyone agrees that low glycemic foods are best to lower blood sugar, but there is much confusion about what a truly low glycemic food means.

If you want to lower blood sugar as fast as possible, you want to choose foods with the lowest possible glycemic index. The official guidelines promote foods that are just slightly better than the absolute worst foods. In most case that is not enough to reverse or slow diabetes, and it may even promote diabetes in someone who is already insulin resistant.

If you do a search for low glycemic foods you will be told to eat lots of food with a glycemic index under 55. The problem is that those foods still have a very, very high glycemic index. Foods below 20 are low glycemic. Foods between 50 and 55 still have an almost astronomically high index compared to the best foods.

In this video Dr. Ekberg explains which foods are truly low glycemic and which will in fact reduce insulin resistance.



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  1. Hallo! I love your Videos but this time I have a question. You explained that: The GI tells us how much the carbohydrates in a food increase the blood sugar level. The lower the GI, the less and slower the blood sugar level rises. BUT: Even more important than the glycaemic index is the glycaemic load (GL). After all, it is not only the quality of the carbohydrates that is decisive, but also the quantity of carbohydrates supplied with a food. The glycaemic load is therefore the product of GI and quantity. Example: The GI of watermelon is higher than that of white bread. However, white bread contains more carbohydrates, so in the end the glycaemic load of white bread is 2.5 times that of watermelon. What can you say to this? Can you explain this in your next Videopodcasts? It would be great! (translated by DeepL)

  2. Big fan of Dr. Ekberg. However Mayo clinic and the likes do talk about Avacado, spinach and the like . My guess is that the reason they mention whole wheat and the like because some people just cant live without bread and if one has to eat bread then recommendation is whole wheat .

  3. Truth to be told, if every person in the western world decided to start a low-carb diet in the same day, that would not be sustainable, for the environment but also for the economy. Unless they all turn in vegans and try a plant-based low-carb diet (but we know that this will never happen). So no surprise if they suggest to eat grains which are simply not the worst.

  4. Thanks alot,I have been following your lectures and help so much, thank God to have you always for my lecture in Diabetic.
    I was diagnosed with T2D in Oct 3rd,2019 at age of 62 yrs, my blood sugar level was 16.4 mmol/l.
    Six months later following your lectures my blood glucose level reduced, mostly less than 7mmol/l. My Doctor then decided to stop me from medication of Metformin when my blood sugar level was 6.2 mmol/l.
    Your lectures has been great to me. Atfer I stoped medication, I was practising intermittent fasting, low carb intake, daily exercise for 30 mins or more. East mostly once a day with avocado and peanuts as my snacks. I feel very well now, today my blood sugar level is 6.1mmol/l.
    Thanks to my lord Jesus Christ to have you help me .

  5. Love the tips you give, I've been applying them to my gestational diabetes (especially since the "professionals" I deal with seem very eager to get me on insulin, to the point that they've lowered my target blood sugar levels without informing me, then insisted I NEED insulin. I'll just lower my carbs and meet the new targets again, no problemo :p I do understand, however, that gestational diabetes is a different category to type 1 and 2, so I was hoping you could do some videos on that. There is limited "alternative" information available supporting a natural management system (other than these slightly better than the worst carbs you've presented in this video. Very frustrating when you know there has to be a better way for us too… or maybe the same rules apply to us (but they are fantastic at scaring us into thinking we're going to ruin our babies if we do anything that resembles keto) 🤷‍♀️ Thanks for considering 😊😊

  6. Thank you so much for the True information you share.
    It's so hard to trust Dr's these days.
    I've learned a lot and only after a week I feel a tiny better. I thank you.

  7. Love your videos. I've watched a ton of them. I personally am trying reduce my IR. I have cut out all sugar and eat very low carb. I fast everyday sometimes for 40 hrs. I eat Low GI and low GL foods, good fats and protein. But I have heard you say before that the amount of protein and fats in a meal should be in certain percentages in order to reverse fatty liver and IR. What should those levels or ratios be? Thanks

  8. The sheep just follow other sheep! Nobody wants to stand-up to the establishment and call them on their misinformation because it represents somebody’s paycheck! It’s sad that they are not challenged!!

  9. You’re close to realizing that the USDA & other government approved medical associations are all part of The Deep State, as corrupt as the FBI, CIA, WHO. If they can convince people to eat themselves really sick, then medical costs will be so high that people will be willing to vote in Socialism/Communism to pay for it all. The popular entertainment industry has also convinced people to make relationship choices that make it look like a free market economy causes high rates of poverty & malnutrition. Very clever, I have to say…all the ways that power-hungry people convince the masses to oppress themselves while government & entertainers get to look like they’re compassionate. The minimum wage has been very destructive to the education of youth who learn best with an apprenticeship style education & bookwork relevant to their career.

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