Have You Asked Yourself The Right Questions Before Your Breast Lift Surgery?

It’s quite normal for someone expecting a breast lift surgery to seek out as much information as possible concerning the procedure. However, while you seek answers from professionals and other sources, you might forget to ask yourself some critical questions concerning your operation.

Sometimes, you might overlook really sensitive self-evaluations concerning your true motivation for seeking surgery. If you don’t critically analyse such personal aspects, you might never be truly satisfied with the results of surgery.

1. Why Do You Really Want the Surgical Operation?

If you are not concisely clear about the exact reason for seeking surgery, you wouldn’t know which particular operation you need.

Perhaps, you might not be too sure whether you just want to improve the perkiness of your boobs or you also need to improve their size. In this regard, you should realize that a breast uplift would only improve perkiness; whereas, an augmentation surgery would be the option to take for a fuller appearance.

Therefore, if you go for a lifting procedure, you should be very comfortable with the size of your boobs. Otherwise, you might find yourself going for follow-up surgery just to get in some implants, when this might have been done altogether in one operation.

Fortunately, expert surgeons can help you visualize the expected results of surgery so that you can actually have a feel of what you will get. This should help clear your mind on your expected goals.

2. What Led You to this Decision?

The underlying reason for seeking surgery would also play a key role in the satisfaction you get from surgery. You definitely need to have legitimate reasons, especially since the operation would have long-lasting effects, which you cannot easily undo if you change your mind afterwards.

You shouldn’t base your reasons on other people, like trying to get the appearance of well-known celebrities. Basing your decision on flimsy fashion trends is also not advisable, since such trends can easily change.

Your decisions should be based on improving your physical appearance or improving your own self-esteem.

Indeed, a study carried out at the Boston’s Children Hospital revealed that corrective breast surgery would be instrumental in combating poor emotional well-being and low self-esteem in teenage girls who had asymmetric breasts. This study uncovered the fact that the effects of having uneven or abnormally large breasts had the potential of significantly affecting the mental health of teenage girls. Hence, the legitimate need for surgery.

3. How Will You Deal With Scars?

The fact that surgery would involve some extent of incision means that you will have a bit or scarring. For sure, such scarring wouldn’t be too visible, since modern surgical techniques greatly minimize the extent of incisions during surgery.

However, it may be that you would be involved in certain activities, whereby you wouldn’t want even that little bit of scarring to be visible. Therefore, you might need to re-schedule your operation to a later date.

You would need to make a similar consideration regarding breastfeeding and pregnancy. Have you finally decided that you won’t have any more children? If you haven’t, it would be better if you delay the operation until later.

Source by Dr Kourosh Tavakoli

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