Having Low Self Confidence Can Damage Your Life, Gaining Confidence Can Be Simple

When you suffer a lack of self confidence it is very hard to get ahead in any area of your life, you have to watch all the good things happen to ‘other’ more confident people. People who naturally have confidence just do not understand what it is like to suffer from low self confidence. You constantly find yourself holding back, in conversations, in life and all the happiness and success seems to get dished out to everyone else.

Most people with low self confidence have tried various methods to improve the situation, be it positive affirmations or imaginations. For some this works but for others it never seems to stick. Gains one day, can quickly fade away as you return to old habits of thinking.

People who lack self confidence spend too much time hiding away from life, and not enough time taking an active role. This can lead to all sorts of problems, a lack of success, a lack of love, all leads to a lack of self fulfillment. This tends to compound the problem and lead to a further dip into negative feelings and low self esteem.

Of course the opposite is true, If you were to magically find yourself feeling confident in one area of your life, it would lead to more confidence in other areas. Pretty soon this feeling would spread throughout your life.

If you lack self confidence, you should follow the advice of someone who has gone through what you have gone through, that has helped themselves out of the misery of low self esteem and negative feelings, and has come out the other side. Or you seek a robust and proven method to gradually increase your confidence and deliver results steadily.

What if you could discover a way to effortlessly gain steady increasing confidence? After all it would be unnatural to go from low self esteem, to having super hero confidence in one day. You want confidence to increase, steadily and effortlessly. So you can gradually go from the low to incredible confidence in a few weeks. Giving you time to enjoy your improvements and importantly to notice them. imagine if you could do that, gain steady amounts of confidence.

By learning how to generate the feeling of confidence you can begin to discover the simple joys of increasing confidence throughout your life. If you directly learn how to increase the actually feeling of confidence you will start to think and imagine confident thoughts. Confident thoughts lead you to confident actions.

It is proven that we think from our feelings, our feelings directly feed our thoughts, so all you need to do is learn how to feel more positive feelings and quieten down or negate the negative feelings.

Source by Andrew Milne

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