How Long Does It Take For A1c To Go Down?

How Long Does It Take For A1c To Go Down? How long to lower A1c is something a lot of patients ask. They also ask, “Can you lower your A1c overnight? Or does it take longer for your blood glucose to go down?” Dr Ekberg explains how long and fast to expect your blood sugar and glucose levels to lower and how your A1c test levels will correspond.

Ketogenic diet (Keto) and Intermittent fasting (IF) can help lower your blood sugar levels naturally, but sometimes it will feel like they are not working. In this video you will learn why the A1c test doesn’t look like it is correct.

If you are insulin resistant or a diabetic type 2 you will definitely want to watch this video to see how fast you can lower your blood sugar levels and A1c. By learning this you will save money with testing your blood, and if you are not taking insulin you won’t have to test your blood as much.



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  1. This is scary. I have been diagnosed with diabetes since 1999 and have been treated by 2 different doctors for my diabetes. Until I watched Dr. Ekberg's video, I never heard the term insulin resistance. I had the dawn phenomenon and when I asked my doctor about it, he did not respond. Simply put doctors don't know much about diabetes but we are trusting our lives to them. This is why I do not believe there is a God. You can't trust anyone.

  2. My experience coincides with your explanation. Mid May 2020, I was diagnosed with blood sepsis and diabetes, 12.3 A1C. On hearing the diagnosis, I pretty much refused everything that wasn’t low carb. I was in the hospital for a month, felt like fasting but it was really low carb. Then out of the hospital, I went very low carb; roughly I would describe it as Atkins induction because I used his list of low glycemic vegs as my master list of choices. Anyway, three months after my diagnosis, the nurse practitioner measured my A1C at 5.3. If that number is a little high or low, please consider that my exercise was very mild. I was barely on my feet, and short walks are a big deal. Also, consider how. much blood was drawn daily during that first month. It took a while to get off the drugs, though I am still on Metformin and vitamins.

  3. I have an A1C of 5.6 but a fasting Glucose of 117. One of them is off and I feel like I'm straddling that "normal/healthy" line. My doctor wants to talk to me about my results. I'm in this state of "am I fine" or "do I need to make serious changes" because of the contrary test results.

  4. I really like the way you explain things. I've learned so many things and as I'm supposed to be pre-diabetic, I'm really determined to hit it once for all. The fighting has started since 2 weeks now. I hope the "pre" will be substituted by "non" in 7 months. Thanks again for all your help. I'm really lucky to have you and my dear brother, a dr too, as my coaches. Thank God

  5. I'm eating ultra-low carb diet (KETO) at 30 g of carbs a day. No fasting. I've gone from an A1C reading of 7 to 5.5 in three months. My doctor called me personally and could not stop praising the drop. He was in shock. Personally, it was not that difficult. I still ate well & was full. I don't like starving myself. I will continue this way of eating for the rest of my life, since it also has helped with my auto-immune body pain. My cholesterol levels are normal. For everyone out there, please note that if you start eating like you were in the past, the diabetes & weight will come back w/ a vengeance. Stay healthy & safe.

  6. 2 months ago I had my blood test due to chronic liver issues. My A1C isn’t as high as most people who had commented but it was close to 9. My dr and I had a chat and she recommended to put me on meds. I refuse knowing that it’s probably the food I ate over past 2 yrs if not more. I started into a training program for weight lift and also saw dr Ekberg’s video about glucose, carbs and other similar video in regards to healthy eating. I watch all the food I’m eating looking at the calories and carbs. After 2 months of training and eating more healthy than ever, My A1C drop to 6. Along with my other lab results. What’s even more amazing is my triglyceride drop from 500+ to normal 60+. I’m very thankful for dr Ekberg’s explanation of how things we eat works in the body. I will need another lab in 6 months and I hope to achieve my goal of being normal range of healthy and drop my fat weight and gain muscle.

  7. My first Hb1Ac on Sept 3rd was 91mmol/L = 10.5%. My second was on 4th November and came back at 69mmol/mol = 8.5%. Nurse wanted to increase my metformin dose – but since I had not taken any of it this seemed silly to me! I feel I am well on track to achieve an Hib1Ac around about the 53mmol/mol level – 7% – quite soon. Thanks for your video which has been a big help. I follow KETO and OMAD for about a month now. Prior to that I reduced carbohydrates and used IF, but not sufficiently to have much impact on the Hb1Ac. Ergo I think I will not need the metformin. I have no symptoms from the high Blood Sugar and have noticed some improvements in my skin. I'd had back acne for most of my life – from teens until a few weeks ago [ 57 now] but is has almost gone away now. Losing loads of belly fat too especially under my ribs which is also a sign things are working. Exasperated by the medics who push their drugs and do not listen to my experience at all.

  8. Started omad+keto 5 months ago and lost 9kg! Im 5.10 and 86kg now. Just had a1c results. It dropped from 7.9 to 6.4! I was expecting alot better! Even though i eat once in a day i dont eat much! Feel hungry all the time but not too much! Looks like if and keto works differently for each of us.

  9. Thank you Dr , well I had a result on the A!C of 36 which I think is 5.4% My history is the A1C was 42 then 41 then dropped to 36 (measured roughly every several months) Trouble is this time it stayed exactly the same, as I said of 36. What's confusing is this last 5 months I've been much more disciplined with lower carbs (about 100g daily) 16 hrs fasting daily and also sea swim in cold water or cold shower daily. But it's stayed the same although I've lost an awful lot of weight (about 3 lbs a month each month for about 12 months, esp recent months). But the A1C hasn't shifted despite all the intense 5 or 6 month discipline .. so I'm a bit perplexed as its been preet low carbs and high fat disciplined ? Listened to a lot of your videos, thanks so much

  10. My A1c was over 10, for over a decade. It was 12.1 on June the 2nd. I changed my diet, (Cut out as much sugar and carbs as possible. Ate more fat, but not a lot.) Stopped taking fast acting insulin, but continued the normal dosage of slow acting insulin. And started taking berberine. Almost no change in exercise. No fasting. By Aug 30th, I had it down to 8.6

  11. Thanks for this explanation. I recently made some lifestyle changes and wasn't sure how long before I started getting better numbers. It's only been a month. Your chart explained it well…blood sugar is still high, but heading down….A1C only a little. I am going a little different route by reducing carbs, but not going full on keto. I've done it in the past and lost quite a bit of weight, but for me personally, keto wasn't a "lifestyle" diet. I am keeping my carbs below 150 grams per day and I am seeing weight loss and blood sugar improvements which I am happy with. Keto really limited the things that I thought were good, such as fruit. I don't eat added sugars, I don't drink sodas (diet or otherwise) and I have enough variety in my diet to keep me on track.

  12. My A1C went from 7.9 to 6.1 in 3 months with clean keto and strict OMAD. But then was 6.2 after an additional 3 months. I know I don’t have any hidden carbs, no snacks, 23/1 intermittent fasting 3 days a week and 18/6 the other days in the week. I’ve been obese for 40 years but I’ve lost 40+ lbs in 6 months and I’m still losing. I just don’t know why my A1C didn’t continue to drop. Any ideas welcomed!!!

  13. Well, if you donate blood a few weeks before a blood test, you can get your A1C to drop considerably. There's been studies showing it's an issue causing inaccurate A1C results.

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