How Long Does It Take To Reverse Insulin Resistance?

How Long Does It Take To Reverse Insulin Resistance? A lot of people want to lower their insulin resistance fast especially if they were just diagnosed with prediabetes or diabetes. High insulin levels are not hard to reverse once you understand why they are high.

How Long Does It Take To Reverse Insulin Resistance? That depends on how we define Insulin resistance. Do we look only at blood glucose and A1c, or do we also consider fasting insulin and HOMA-IR?

Based on the official definition of type 2 diabetes – high blood sugar or A1c – diabetes could be reversed in weeks or months, but there would be a strong tendency for the body to go back. If we base it on actual cellular insulin resistance and how long it takes to regenerate tissues and re-establish homeostasis in the body, we could be talking years to really reverse insulin resistance.

In this video we will help you understand the different stages of insulin resistance and the underlying mechanisms that you are actually trying to reverse for lasting improvement. Learn how to reverse insulin resistance and diabetes naturally and to keep learning and continuing the journey to not only be free of symptoms and disease, but to achieve optimal health and have wellness for life..



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  1. Strange my comment was deleted. Please research Fluoride causes diabetes, as I am sure other things do as well. There is a fruit called wood apple that will help detoxify the body of fluoride and it will interestingly help control blood glucose levels. Let's see how long this comment lasts.

  2. Excellent information. I love his videos. He gets right to the point, no distracting music or video effects, or promoting products. Very educational. Thanks Dr. Ekberg.

  3. Hi Dr Ekberg. Great channel, & really informative & insightful videos. Most of your comments about diet, though, relate either to the "bad" standard American type diet, or, in contrast, to an also quite "typical" low carb / keto diet – basically consisting of meat (as the protein source) & vegetables. I would be most grateful, however, if you might be able to find time to make a video particularly addressing how vegetarians should best try to manage a low carb / keto diet. Because, basically, to me, it feels like my only protein option is eggs (& there are only so many if them one is meant to consume per day). Tofu (apparently) has issues around potential "estrogen mimicking" compounds. Pulses do contain protein, & have long been one of the main sources of protein for vegetarians / vegans, but then i understand even they have issues, in the context of this type of diet (is it lectins, possibly?), & the other obvious source being cheese, which again has certain pitfalls. I think I would find your way of explaining the fundamental issues very useful in helping me decide what kind of compromises I should / shouldn't be making in regards these types of choices. Many thanks.

  4. Thank you very much for your valuable presentation, in which you drew attention to this serious health risk of the word. Unfortunately, there is not enough money in the world for disease prevention. I wish you a happy and healthy New Year!✌👼💐🐷

  5. Dr. Ekberg's video is an HONEST attempt at explaining how hard an out-of-control lifestyle can be to put back on the tracks. I don't view his teachings as vague or reaching, and I consider these videos as detailed information I cannot get anywhere else. Some of us have T2D, but our insurance will only cover a Nurse Practitioner. At best, medical follow-up is a pat on the back and advice to watch what you eat. It is like docking a ship in California and reading a sign that says New York with an arrow pointing east. I like the road map Dr. Ekberg has placed before me.

  6. It is like putting on sunscreen…people want to know which is the best…it is the one they will actually use. Eating for your health…the best way is the one you choose to stick with and strive to maintain.

  7. Thanks to your videos Dr Ekberg it took me a week to get off of all my insulin. I was shocked how quickly with Intermittent Fasting and eating the right non starchy foods. I am now off of sugar and am super careful reading labels on foods. Can’t wait for my next A1C test. Of coarse I let my Dr know what I was doing and he is good with it.

  8. Thank you Dr Ekberg. I’m so grateful I started listening to your lessons on insulin resistance and the important functions of the kidney and the liver. Won’t take those organs for granted again.

  9. @24:50, We got it: one size doesn’t fit all. However at this stage of your discussion, you should present several food and eating plans. Each plan is tailored to address how severe is the insulin resistance. For example, the over-the-top insulin resistant person, your plan may call for OMAD, no sugar, no carb, certain quantity and type of veggies, meat, or fish. One of the plans may specifically ban all soft drink, beer, potato, chips, rice, cake, bread, cookies, and even cup-a-noodle.

  10. I had prediabetes and I’ve had hypothyroid for 10 years. I took small steps. Stopped drinking Coke Zero bc despite zero sugar it made my blood sugar increase. I went keto for a few months then stayed low carb. I went for walks everyday. Started choosing options with less sugar and then decrease portion when you do have something higher carb. I also am mindful of smaller eating windows (intermittent fasting) and stick to 8 hour eating window (11am -7pm). My a1c was around 6 and it took me a year to get to below 5.6 ( normal range). Once you retest and see the a1c decrease it will motivate you to keep going. Start today!

  11. Can you have normal insulin and have inflammatory conditions? I have Hashimoto hypothyroid, PCOS since I was 12, psoriasis capitis since I was 18, yet my sugar levels were always fine. I did a insulin resistance test 5 years ago and it was normal as well. What should I be doing ?

  12. A Great honest video~i will never go back to fake food!!! I'm 70 and I wish I knew this when I was younger, but it is what it is…so thankful and happy to have found Dr Eckberg…he's so right about everyone being an individual…its all about the balance.

  13. I've come across advertisements and other claims that certain fruits, vegetables herbs will help lower blood sugar. Are any of these claims true?

  14. Obesity levels are too high for genetics to be really taken seriously as the cause. I'm sure it is a variable. I'm hoping that if I use catabolism and anabolism in balance the new cells produced will be less insulin resistant. For me since I have been doing this diet and exercising properly my body has responded beautifully. I have lost over 2 stone now and my vitality is through the roof in comparison to before. I am 47 years old and I haven't felt this good in years.

  15. If doctors would tell us this when we were younger, we would not have these problems older. I tell my daughter who’s in her 40’s to get on it! Start taking care with eating right, cutting out carbs, sugar, etc. don’t wait until you get my age. Again, doctors should tell people way BEFORE so they don’t become diabetic!

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