How Self Confidence Builds Character and Purpose

The feeling of low self-esteem or any lack of confidence is usually attributed to an event in a persons life that had a lasting effect. This same feeling could also leave us with a sense of being worthless when it leads us to a lack of purpose in all parts of our lives. The same can be also said when we find the confidence that creates the opposite effect.

In the same way that self-confidence builds character and purpose, a lack of it drains your desire to achieve anything worthwhile and it is so easy to let go of any dreams and aspirations you may have for yourself. We must first understand that any situation that we find ourselves in, good or bad, has been brought about by circumstances that we had full control of.

While it may seem harsh to think that we had any control over turbulent times in our past, the simple truth is we all have a choice in how we lead our lives and the ability in how we control it. If we are suffering from any lack of confidence or motivation in our lives, now is the time to rectify the situation before we fall even deeper into a position of less strength.

When we begin to understand that any change can be made in a single moment and when it is a positive one, then it is all too apparent how self-confidence builds character and purpose. Having a purpose is something that each and every one of us should strive for and without it, we meander through life with a sense of no direction.

Within all of us is a deep burning desire to achieve something that we have a passion for, whether it be an interest and hobby or a vocation to change the world somehow. Whatever it may be, I am sure there is something that makes you feel good. There could have been a time when you were excited about a project and you decided to listen to someone who only wanted to steal your dream. This is one of the reasons why we give up on our dreams, our self-confidence has been eroded.

We have to be strong enough to know what we want and unless it is from a reliable source which offers valuable criticism, then we should stay on focus with our attention. Whenever a person wants to give us any advice and a few pointers along the way, it is usually mixed in with an healthy dose of encouragement. This is the stuff that builds character and with a strong willed desire and a purpose in mind, our self-confidence will begin to rise.

Source by Stephen Zaba

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