How to heal trauma without medication | Dr. Essam Daod

[Music] I think that delivering first aid is not Just needed for the body we need also to Train people to save the soul and the Mind of people who are suffering from a Traumatic event This is a summed out a child Psychiatrist former surgeon and father I’m a brand new Daddy Four years ago he and his wife traveled To the Greek island of lesvos at the Height of the Syrian refugee crisis to Help with the relief effort these Refugees were fleeing a brutal Civil War Back home and many of them were children It was here that Islam came to a Startling realization today all the Focus of the humanitarian Aid delegation And efforts goes to the basics need of You know body shelter food and really Little goes to the mental health in fact PTSD among Syrian refugee children has Been so severe that a new phrase was Coined to describe it human Devastation Syndrome it’s not the life that I want As a doctor as a surgeon as a child say Characters to give to anyone Islam realized that something needed to Be done and he had to be the one to do It This is how to stop a trauma When our brain experiences a traumatic Event the toll it takes on our mental Health can last for a very long time I

Think trauma is an experience it’s an Overwhelming experience and when this Experience is shaped as bad it’s it can Cause traumatic stress disorder and can Cause depression and anxiety and Violence and aggression I think that we Have this very short window of Opportunity what I call the golden hour That we can really do the intervention Before the you know the experience can Be stored and imprinted in the brain Especially for kids how does this work Islam explains what the story about Omar A young Syrian refugee He arrived in a boat with his family and He was like terrified to say don’t worry Omar they are coming to film you are a Hero across the sea the volunteers came Around him and started saying oh more of The superhero let me see your muscles And and and he started laughing and he Was so happy and in less than 15 minutes By telling him he’s a hero Islam gives Omar an empowering narrative that he can Tell himself for the rest of his life And then all these experiences and Memories that he had from that event Will be stored as something good and That’s it Omar now is not suffering from PTSD he’s a superhero In 2015 Islam and his wife started Humanity crew an organization that Provides Mental Health Services for Refugees in the Mediterranean Humanity

Crew until now since 2015 delivered 32 000 hours of mental health support to Over 12 000 refugees the work they do Underscores the vital role mental health Plays in helping refugees But unfortunately with little funding For treatment millions of refugees are Left to Grapple with their trauma on Their own providing these interventions Is not just saving the souls and the Minds of the people which is also the Future of them and the future of the Host society and the future of their Homeland because they will rebuild it I Think we can all agree that as human Beings we deserve to see ourselves as Individuals with value as Heroes of our Own stories not victims I give them the Ability to think that they are heroes I Believe truly that they are heroes and For that we believe Islam is a hero too Get smarter faster with videos from the World’s biggest thinkers To learn even more from the world’s Biggest thinkers get big think Plus for Your business

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