How to Improve Your Personal Security – The Top Four Tips

This may shock you. The police cannot protect you from street crime or from home burglaries. That just isn’t their job. Their job is to investigate a crime and hopefully apprehend the suspect. That is hard enough. The burden of protecting yourself, your family and your home falls on your shoulders. Maybe that’s why they call it personal security. And crime is everywhere.

If you have any doubt that just watch TV newscasts for five minutes. It seems that’s all they talk about. Home burglaries, home invasions, robberies, assaults on city streets, carjackings — my gosh the list goes on and on. Sure the information is informative but it’s also frightening. And I am not trying to make people paranoid just show them how to improve your personal security.

If you follow these four steps you will be much better off and “harden” yourself as a target.

1. First, teach your self some basic self defense techniques. A great way to do this is to do it with your whole family. That way even your kids will learn some ideas on how to defend themselves too. You can do it by yourself or with some friends at home or in a class.

2. Teach yourself about different self defense products. I always recommend that women in particular carry a pepper spray and stun gun. Not all situations call for using a taser which is the most effective and expensive self defense product there is.

3. Teach yourself how to make your home less attractive for burglars. As amazing as it seems most burglaries happen with the bad guys getting in through open doors and windows.

4. Finally teach yourself how to make it harder for the bad guys to get in to your home. Some inexpensive Home Security Devices such as door alarms, window alarms or the barking dog alarm will slow the bad guys down if they do get into your house.

There are the four ways to improve your personal security. Like anything else it all starts with knowing what to do and how to do it. So now that you know, consider getting some self defense products and home security products to “harden” yourself as a target. These four tips are the best way.

Get some self defense and home security products to protect your home, loved ones and yourself from crime. Improve your personal security today.

Source by Jack Krohn

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