How to Improve Your Posture Fast

Your posture (how you sit or stand) affects you in lots of ways. It’s not just parents and teachers being awkward when they tell you to sit up straight. It’s actually for your well-being as a person.

So how can you improve your posture?

Notice how you’re sitting or standing

Paying attention to your posture is the first step you should take.

If all you do is sit or stand up straighter for a few minutes after you notice you’ve started slouching, that’s a good start.

Sure, there’s a good chance you’ll go back to your old ways once you forget that you should be using a better posture. But the more often you catch and correct yourself, the more often it will start to become “normal” and a habit.

It’s generally thought that it takes between 2 and 4 weeks to form a habit, so it’s worth reminding yourself regularly during that time. An old fashioned note on your computer screen, a reminder on your phone, whatever works best for you as a reminder.

Sit slightly forward

Using the back rest on our chairs is actually a lazy way to sit.

Historically we wouldn’t have had that luxury – which means we’re not really adapted to sitting with our back against a rest.

You can explore this more with the Feldenkrais Method but essentially all you need to do is sit slightly forward in your chair so that you’re not using the back rest.

Try it.

At first it seems a bit awkward – that’s because you’ve spent years learning to use the rest – but if you practice this even for a few minutes every few hours you’ll start to notice that your posture almost automatically improves.

Hold your head up

That’s not just a song from the 70’s by a group called Argent.

It’s a good thing to keep in mind to help improve your overall posture.

It will also have the side effect of keeping you in a slightly better mood – it’s difficult to be grumpy and miserable when your head is held up.

Again, this is a bit of a war of attrition with yourself.

Your habit of letting your head point downwards has been formed over the years so you’ll need to catch yourself each time it happens and correct it.


Don’t beat yourself up if this happens – it’s all part of the process of re-learning how your posture really should be.

Use hypnosis

Listening to a hypnosis track is a good way to help remind your body when your subconscious mind is the only part of you paying attention to your posture.

Your subconscious mind controls all sorts of things like this and is pretty good at keeping them on track. But it needs pointers to do that and listening to a hypnosis MP3 every now and then is a quick and easy way to help guide it.

The nice part about doing this is that it’s almost effortless, which is always a good way to do things if you have a choice!

Source by Trevor Johnson

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