How To Reverse Fatty Liver Disease (You May Have A Fatty Liver)

How To Reverse Fatty Liver Disease (You May Have A Fatty Liver). If you have a liver you need to watch this video. The symptoms of fatty liver usually don’t show up until it is too late, so learn to take care of your liver. While fatty liver disease is becoming more and more prevalent due to our environment and live styles, you can learn how to reverse fatty liver naturally and have a healthy liver again. Find out signs and symptoms to see if you have a fatty liver, but everyone can benefit from watching this video to have a healthier liver. Somethings that can help are eating a keto diet, exercise and fasting, but some people may not need to do all of these things. Watch the video and share it with others you care about.

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  1. While your videos oftentimes tell which foods are bad, and which are good, they rarely tell what times of day are best to consume them to promote energy when we want it and sleep when we want it. Please do a video that covers all the recommended foods with the best times to consume them.

  2. Alcohol and Advil caused my liver to fail. I now have ascites, and desperately trying to regain liver health in an attempt to live and become normal again. Its been 20 days and Im scared im going to die. My stomach is full of fluid and my liver hurts. I fasted for 7 days and im now on IF/KETO. GOD BLESS U ALL.

  3. I am from yoruba culture in west africa, and when it comes to diet our ancestors always warned about sugar! They bever complained about meat, but all their herbs were geared towards detoxing the body from sugar! Happy to see science back this ancient knowledge

  4. 1)I am pretty sure that I have
    gallstones. If I eat a fatty
    meal before I go to bed,
    I get a great eigastric pain
    (an 8 or 9). How do I detox
    my liver if I really do have
    2) Are wheat germ oil, the
    Milk thistle and the inexpensive
    substance you suggested in
    this video the minerals that I
    need to take (plus sea salt)?
    In addition to the foods you
    listed here will seaweed or
    algae help?
    Thank you again for your
    invaluable teaching. You
    have transformed my lifr.
    You have added light to
    the path and brought me
    so much vitality.
    Thank you.

  5. A question. FOODcritics;;; (and docters) say. 5 fruits a day..; asO). BUT. Fructose is bad…. WT….? also. Some say, bananas are bad; but they're full of potassium, etc… >HAT TO DO????????????? (and i know; when I practised a martial art. Always had a banana with me; carbs. Sugar;;;; (Please answer)

  6. Dear Dr. Ekberg, I was wondering if you had any thought about Lecithin. Some people say Lecithin is good for fatty liver. Some say Lecithin can be turned into TMAO by certain microorganism in gut, therefore it may cause cardiovascular disease. What is your opinion, Sir? Are there some similarity between Lecithin function, Olive oil, and Virgin Coconut Oil? A very sincere thanks, for your channel and your teaching🙏

  7. Thank you Dr Ekberg for adding years to my life. I was diagnosed with fatty liver, even though I was only slightly overweight (179cm/82kg), through your guidance regarding a healthy lifestyle I’ve lost 16kg in 6 months and it was easy. I’m now a 57 year old with the figure of my 25 year old self. I can’t thank you enough. Your clear, logical, evidence based explanations put me on the right track.

  8. I used to be told of some extent of fatty liver during my yearly ultra sonic scanning of health check-up, due to my lack of exercise, oily & high carb food intake, frequent beer drinking etc. Ever since I resort to frequent exercise, drastically cutting down alcohol intake, avoiding sweet stuff and substituting dinner with unfiltered celery blend for a year, the doctor didn't find any fatty liver during my recent scan, which was a real surprise to me! FYI, my BMI was 28, and now 25.

  9. Thanks very much Dr. Ekberg for the great videos. I would appreciate if you could answer my question on this topic. I started Keto diet and intermittent fasting almost a month and half ago because of high blood sugar (fasting 105) and triglycerides (fasting over 485). During this time I managed to reduce sugar, trig. and my weight, however compared to before starting the diet by liver enzymes have increased (AST from 31 to 48 and ALT from 45 to 72) this big change happened in just a month. Could you please explain how Keto, exercise or any Keto food can affect the liver?

  10. Yes. Ive been a idiot. Ive been living wrong.
    Drinking soda non stop. For many years. And I have a scare now, but it is probaly too late for me now. I wish i would have seen this when i was 18. Then maybe.. im scared…
    I dont want to die. I dont want to get sick.
    Im only 39. I wanted to live long and happy. Instead i ruined myself. And NOW im scared.
    Why now? Why not years ago? It seems all to suffer. Please god, anybody help me.

  11. Doc could you pls pls advice me wht amount of low carb food should I consume. My doc just told me I have 6.6 blood sugar in my blood test and I am border line diabetic. My feet and bones hurt alot wht would you recommend pls make a vide[ and oblige. Pls

  12. I have suffered from headaches since I was a kid. I would get them once or twice a week and sometimes 3 or 4 times a week. All my life I have taken tylenol and as an adult, ibuprofen. I have fatty liver and recently after COVID had elevated liver enzymes. They are back to normal now, but I asked my doctor if pain meds could contribute and he said that as long as I didn't drink with them or overdose there was no issue. When I get colds I take Nyquil in order to get a good nights sleep and always worry about it having tylenol and alcohol.

  13. My friend has non-alcoholic fatty liver with a small amount of cirrhosis would it be healthy for him to drink Huel on a regular basis? Huel is a meal replacement drink, it contains a balance of all 26 essential vitamins and minerals, protein, essential fats, carbs, fibre and phytonutrients. I'm asking this question on behalf of a friend who wants to start drinking this Huel drink regularly. He was recently rushed into hospital vomiting blood! He had a couple of internal bleeds in his throat and the artery that leads from his heart to the liver was being blocked due to cirrhosis. The doctor put him on beta-blockers and sent him home. My friend has diabetes, I'm not sure what type but the doctor in the hospital he attended suggested he eat sugary foods to help balance his blood sugar levels. The doctor also suggested that to help his liver recover he should eat eggs, full fat milk, vegetables, whole grain bread, pasta, other carbs and he should keep his diet low in fat.

    It concerns me that here in the UK our national health service hasn't got a clue about nutrition!

  14. It’s a shame that we have doctors telling people they only need to cut fats from their diet when they diagnose fatty liver. I have a friend who had 2 different doctors tell her that. She won’t believe me when I tell her the bigger problem is the excessive amounts of sugar.

  15. It’s a shame that we have doctors telling people they only need to cut fats from their diet when they diagnose fatty liver. I have a friend who had 2 different doctors tell her that. She won’t believe me when I tell her the bigger problem is the excessive amounts of sugar.

  16. Thank you, Dr, Ekberg. I have recently watch about 4 of your videos and all have common sense solutions to poor health habits. Most Americans have poor diets and are consuming toxins that are deteriorating our health and well being. You have brought this to our attention and I am grateful for it. Please keep helping us to live healthy lives with your videos. Thank you!

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