How to Self-Improve Your Life Fast!

Are you frustrated with your life? Why is it so difficult to live a live so short? Do you want to self-improve it? Below are five tips to improve your life fast.

1. Kick out the “Small Me”

In “The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind”, Dr. Joseph Murphy talks about an incident with the great operatic tenor, Caruso, who was struck with stage fright. He was thinking about all the negative things that, “They will laugh at me. I can’t sing.” He then proceed to shout in the presence of the people behind the stage, “The Little Me wants to strangle the Big Me within! Get out Little Me, the Big Me wants to sing through me! Get out, get out, the Big Me is going to sing!”

With this he successfully chase out the fear and self beating that have caused many abled people into failure. It is this type of self beating by the “Small Me” that kicks your confidence and talents away. Remember that in every one there is always a “Big Me” and a “Small Me”. Who do you want to give the authority through you?

2. Give “Love” to everyone around you

“Love” gives you the happy feeling when you are with your love ones. Why not extend this “Love” to everyone you meet? By this I mean to give them the warm and happiness that you usually give to your love ones. Doing so will help you feeling happy too. It feels just like doing social services. But the difference is you don’t need to wait till Saturday and Sunday!

3. Go out and know more people

When you have few friends or none, you will more or less beat yourself when you are alone, especially after seeing other group of friends together on the street. Go out, join some activity groups and know more people! If you feel that you are “unworthy” of knowing more people or they will not like to have you around, reread my first point. Your “Small Me” is talking!

4. Go for social services

To extend on my second point, go out and join some social services to help others who are really in need. Remember that not matter how bad your life is, there is always some one else who is worse. When you are with them, you will realized that they may not even think that your situation is bad. They may even envy you when compared to themselves. This is a very important point to remember. But I don’t mean for you to tease them about how worse off they are when compared to you. I want you to know that whatever bad that has happened to you, is a small case when compared to others.

Don’t say that you have no money to do social services. Social services don’t always requires money. By helping an Old Folks Home to install some equipment that the old peoples there can’t do it themselves, you are also doing social services. Remember that what goes around, comes around. When you help more people, more people will help you too.

5. If you feel bad, don’t do it

If some one asked you to do something, how are you feeling? Are you accepting the task willingly? Or do you have something else to complete and this is adding to your burden? If you are feel unhappy about it, can you say “no” to it? Maybe your boss asked you to do a certain task for him / her and you feel that you can’t reject it. Ask your boss whether the task is of utmost urgency than your task at hand, if not, can you finish the task that you have currently then you start with his / her new task? If the new task is urgent, then ask for a new deadline to your current task. This way you have more time and you won’t feel bad about not able to complete both tasks.

If you do a task halfway and you are overcome with frustration of not able to complete the task, stop! Get up, go out, and do something else for a while. Put your mind away from the task awhile. Don’t think of it. Listen to a soothing music, drink coffee, or do some stretching. When you are back five minutes later, you will feel better to continue the task, not to mention having a fresher mind!


Life is always trying to take control of you when you are overcome with a lot of things. Start taking control back and improve your life. Self improvement isn’t difficult, you just need to know the ways to improve it. Continue to improve yourself and you will be surprised that one day you have become an inspiration to the people around you!

Wishing you the best.

Source by John Ng Wee Meng

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