How to Show Your Ex What They Are Missing Out on! (A Sure Fire Method to Pull Your Ex Back!)

Your ex doesn’t realize it yet, but he/she is missing out on so much: YOU! In fact, they are about to find out just how much they have been missing out, because you are going to show them!

Read on to find out how you can show your ex exactly what they are missing out on…

The sure fire method

The first step is to create distance. When you create distance, you make your ex miss you and therefore effectively start to show your ex what he/she is missing out on. With distance, you can still talk to your ex once in a while, but for the first week create some distance.

Ignoring your ex for the second week

Now, distance and ignoring are two different things. With distance, you can still keep in contact, but with ignoring, you completely cut off contact. This is the next step to making your ex see what he/she is missing out on.

When they try and talk to you again, you will just completely ignore him/her. This will hit their ego so hard that they will literally feel ticked off at the fact that you would even dare ignore them.

It’s not something your ex expects, and therefore it will completely throw them off guard, but at the same time, it will make your ex want to talk to you even more, now that you are ignoring them.

Improve yourself

If you really want to show your ex what he/she is missing out on, then you should improve, and then you can easily show them what they have lost. You can do this by improving your looks, your wardrobe, your physical appearance etc…

You Should also work on improving your mentality by making yourself strong and using positive affirmations. You can also take up courses and learn to do something new. Such as speaking another language, cooking new foods, learning a new sport etc…

This will surely impress your ex and will make them want you back.

Making them desire you more

The last step will make your ex desire you more, because of the social norm involved. Basically, all you have to do is increase your social status, which means you will get more friends, and in fact you should get many friends. This in turn will make your ex desire you more, because the social norm is to automatically like someone more when they are popular.

The reason people seem to like someone more and want to be around them when they are popular, is because they assume there must be something great about that person which draws many people to them. This in turn will draw your ex back and will make them see what they are missing.

Source by Rahul Talwar

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