How To Stop Carb Cravings On Keto (& Sugar Cravings)

How To Stop Carb Cravings On Keto (& Sugar Cravings). Learn why you might still have cravings for carbs, sugars and sweets when you are starting a keto diet. Your body needs a steady supply of energy, and if it is not proficient at burning fat yet, it will perceive a lack of fuel and “beg” you to eat sugar.

Sugar is also a very addictive substance with drug like properties. The physiological dependency should go away in a few days, but emotional habits may take longer to break.

When you are fully adapted to fat burning you should not have cravings, so if you still crave sugar. If you are new to keto, your body is probably still learning to adapt to fat burning. You may just need a few more days.

You may not be low enough on carbs for your level of insulin resistance, or you may not be consistently low. If you have even a few bites of something sweet, that may be enough to feed your cravings. You may not eat enough food, especially fat.

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  1. I looked Sten up on Wikipedia. This guy high jumped 6:10 PB. I wonder what he could do today 30 years later. His weight is probably the same about but Father Time takes the spring from muscles.

  2. You are a hero for this
    Health Champion. I
    have been able to
    go 30 to 48 hours
    easily for my fasts.
    Today I was walking
    around for a total of
    only 1.5mi & in pain
    (~a 5 to 7 range) from
    two recent falls. I got
    hungry, go figure.
    Yesterday I saw your
    drinks to have during
    my fasts. You came to
    my rescue! I'd just gotten
    some supplies from the
    food co-op. So I had some
    organic grass fed beef bone
    broth. I heated up less than
    a cup, added salt and pepper.
    Voila! I was sated. I may have
    a shorter fast today– ~24+ hr
    but I'm already seeing great
    results: besides my B/P lowering?
    I have had these little cholesterol
    tags at the outer edges of both
    eyes for at least 3 yr. They have
    shrunk to almost nothing!!

  3. From my understanding, you mostly addressed the “starvation” part of cravings in this video. I’ve been intermittent fasting for a few months now and I really don’t have any problems “not eating,” i.e. I don’t starve by any means even after a 24 hour or 36 hour fast. But when I eat, I can’t control eating high carb foods that I love. I think I need to address my carb “addiction.” How may I help myself in that?
    I was hoping that my fasting routine will quell my carb addiction, but it didn’t.

  4. I'm trying to go low carb and I've been doing well with limiting my sugar intake despite a few hicks here and there. It's really hard to stop having a sweet snack completely though because my mom is always buying them. Do you think it's a good idea to make occasional snacks with alternatives like almond/coconut flavor and maybe allulose or monk fruit for a sweetener?

  5. Eat good cost a fortune.
    Buy flours and stuck at the start was a shock.
    The bullet proof coffee and tea have helped and being diabetic.
    It's helped greatly my high sugars are down to 75 to 150 from high 300 even my waking sugar has dropped

  6. Could you please cover how to fight cravings created by medication and menopause..before these 2 things in my life I could control what I was eating reasonably easy it is amajor struggle..

  7. I started IF and keto diet last July. I did cold turkey, I experienced almost all symptoms of keto flu plus overall face acne breakouts I never experienced in my life. I have been craving for vegetables more than carb and sugar. I easily go over net carb 25 since I really crave for all kinds of low carb vegetables like green leaves, seaweed, tomatoes and vegetables I hated to eat since I was a kid. It is weird I never craved for vegetables before keto.

  8. I've been IF for the past month, went to a staff party and disregarded my carb addiction and set off a battle this week. Been OMAD/TMAD still but the carb cravings are painful. Went overboard with bread(4 slices) and I have felt the inflammation return, my head all congested feeling and headache. So I know Keto/IF has given me a better quality of life and clarified when I choose to disregard my better judgement I will regret it.

  9. Dear Dr. Ekerg : All my life I craved for the sweet; especially after taking food or early morning…. and I used to take quite a lot of sugar. Now I have been on Keto Diet for about 70 days quite successfully ….. lost about 10 kg. (about 22 pound) but recently I truly crave for sugar and resultantly started taking a little….. why is that happening to me? How to fight back this crave of sugar? Isn't it so that my body now needs sugar? Please suggest how to stop taking sweet, especially after the food.


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