How To TRULY Lose Weight Forever! (Keto Diet vs Calorie Density Diet)

Is low carb / keto diet better for weight loss or should you be counting your calories on a calorie density diet? We aren’t talking about weight that comes right back, but long term healthy weight loss. Learn the difference when it comes to your overall health. And find out what foods are more satisfying and will provide longer lasting weight loss.

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Welcome to Keto For Beginners by Dr. Sten Ekberg; a series where I try to tackle the most important health issues of the day in a natural and safe way. If you have suggestion for the next topic leave your comment below. Remember to make your comments positive and uplifting even if you disagree with something that was said by me or others.

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  1. I'm watching with so much interested all your videos sir and I can't help it to say that you amaze me. I pray to all Goods 🙏 for you to be healthy and to have a long long live full of happiness and joy. Because I found so much value in every single video of yours that they change my life.

    Eating real food along the way we've meditation an exercise it's the key! Thank you very much !!!

  2. This comment should be on all of your videos: Excellent explanation without unnecessary scientific ballast, yet very detailed and at the same time easy to follow to gain a solid ready to use understanding of health. For me you are the most inspiring man on this planet 🤩 Thank you

  3. 30+ years of struggling with my weight and going to doctors about it and no one every broke down what's going on with my body the way you have. Thank you so much for this!!!

  4. iI Don't understand why your videos don't have millions of views.. I guess seeing so many fat people and sick people in this world explains it all!

  5. So there should have been also a column with cholesterol and what clogs arteries. If we do a medium of all, plant based is still better it seems…
    We should choose what is in the intersection

    I think plant based is not failing at all. You mean vegans quit?

    I think keto pescarerian is the healthiest so without as much meat and butter because they clog the artheries and increase cholesterol. You didn't specify this at all

  6. What a beautifully clear and simple explanation! There are many others on YouTube discussing the same general health topics and giving dietary advice, often on Keto or LCHF and IF— none of them do this with such clarity, such economy of words, or such powerful scientific accuracy as Dr Ekberg. THIS is now where I come for my daily health information and inspiration—I don’t have a lot of spare time so I now rarely bother to go to other sites. since Dr Ekberg’s comments are so clear and direct. 😋👍🥇

  7. I click on "like video" right after the video starts….i know that the content will be good…you never failed me so far and i am sure you never will =) I started with calorie counting and somehow noticed, it is not "good", so i checked the makros,too. And after a while i found your channel. I still count everything i eat, but more out of fun and curiosity (i like data^^). I could totaly stop that, because thanks to your teachings i can eat as much as i want to, still burning fat, building muscles and just feel great overall….(i do intermitted fasting too, just for the health benefits).

  8. this is why im in my 5th 6th year of keto because i never satisfied my self and was always looking at carbs, this year im making sure im satisfied, and so far so good 🤪 omad keto is now a breeze 👌

  9. I'm doing keto now after binging a whole bunch of your videos and Dr Berg's. I'm doing this while breastfeeding. One of the biggest concerns online is breastmilk supply reducing. I have to say I'm finding the opposite to be the case. It's also helping me to be able to way better endure the lack of sleep I'm getting with a 4 month old. Even with such little sleep I am losing weight and feeling better than I normally would. This is with fibromyalgia, pcos, chronic fatigue, lymes, and ibs.

  10. It should not be one way or another. I'm on keto to fix my cravings and lose weight, but there is no way I can lose weight without cutting my calories. So if I have a 500 calorie dinner, I can choose to "spend" my calories on two ounces of cheese and two ounces of nuts, or I can choose a nice chicken breast, large salad with avocado and then maybe have some calories left for a piece of dark chocolate. Which option do you think will fill me up better?

  11. No matter what you eat you cannot avoid the scientifically proven 1st law of thermodynamics, end of story. Just eat healthy to get all the nutrients and exercise and this will put the first law of thermodynamics to work and you will control your body to a healthy weight.

  12. Hello Dr. Ekberg , Thank you for this lovely tutorial, and thank you for your information about beans and lentils. Actually we were not sure if we can incorporate beans and lentils into our cooking, We have been practicing Low carb life style for 3 years and we love it. We live on eggs, cheese,😂😂😂 salads, meat , berries, drink a lot of water, ( this list is not exhausted) now we know we can incorporate beans and lentils. And yes its true when we eat more fat calorie food we don't eat a lot, and we fast .Thank you very much. Regards😊😊

  13. I have a question. I am on a feeding tube. And get fed by pump threw out the day. 450ml per hour. Into my intestines. Would my insulin and fat storage be working all day long. Or the whole time my pump is feeding me?

  14. My girl used Vanguard Formulas supplements for sometime and it really helped her lose some inches. She also used to run every morning for 20 to 30 mins. Never seen her being so confident. Really proud of her.

  15. I'm ngl, this is kinda hard to believe when I'm eating 200+ grams of carbs a day and I've lost 20+lbs in 5 months. Weight lifting and biking and a caloric deficit have created true path for weight loss

  16. Dr I used your formula and I lose 15 kg in 3 months, why I lost little bit I just cheated in the middle some times
    And I will translate ur videos to my language that those people who don’t know English they will also get information about
    Thanks 🙏🏻

  17. Do others also count calories? Because I find I really struggle to eat enough calories when I just listen to my body and I am afraid of ‚jojoing‘ I just want to lose 1-2 kg but I really want to lower my body fat percentage and gain more muscle of course. So my question is in case this was not clear is counting calories beneficial? Thanks for any feed back 🙂

  18. Hello. I try to eat healthy. Because I read a lot about milk products beeing unhealthy, I have cut out milk and cheese, even though we have great cheese in Germany. Now you keep saylng cheese and meat is good. I am very confused!!! I am very greatful for your answer.

  19. How can I Gain weight cutting carbs?
    Last year I tried, but I lost 15 kilograms in a few months and I started looking very bad and sick…so I necessary had to reintroduce a bit of bread again…

  20. Could you please make a video on eating keto while trying to avoid fibre, I have severe bloating and maybe SIBO. So I had to turn to eat Carnivore 7 months ago to avoid the pain, I’m still bloated:) 24hrs though. I wish I can go back to keto but not sure if’s the right move to heal my gut. Thank you

  21. Just want to say, I follow most of your advice and did really well after 7 weeks as I have been diagnosed with diabetes for 2 months and have High Blood pressure for 1 year. and have decided to stop taking proscribed amlodipine for 2 weeks. I have lost 7kg+ in these 7 weeks and are doing pretty good. Thank you for your great advices.

    Hope you will address my comment below.

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