Ideal Food For Humans

Ideal food for humans keep us healthy and enable us to live a long and healthy life. Learn what the best foods for humans are for both adults and kids. When you understand the basics you will always be able to eat healthily and never be fooled by the latest diet, have to eat diet foods or search for the next diet hack or tips or even trends.

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  1. Although generally great advice (IMO), you conveniently overlooked the fact that our ancient ancestors were lucky to live for 40 years on what was available to them then. I also can't get on board with eating four legged animals—all of whom share too many similarities to we humans and whose torture in order that we can consume them is completely unnecessary.

  2. Why almost everyone choose to eat bread, sugar and coca cola or pepsi? If it was not digested by our enzymes, how come the brain of billions of people, select these foods, especially in the developed countries, where the majority have enough money and foods to choose from, but still continue to ingest flour, sugar and phosphoric acid?

    I wonder whether mr. Ekberg drinks alcohol. Best brain cell fuel.

  3. It maybe an answer to disease but longdeverty 250,000 years ago was 40 to 50 years if you lucky . I believe humans can adapt to to variations in diet providing we eat healthily and eat sensibley

  4. You have me laughing and sharing this one.. I believe all your saying! It's how you present it that's educating and entertaining simultaneously 🙂 I am a follower & fan Sir. Thank you for all your vids. I am grateful. ☮❤🕉

  5. I have been trying for years to "Unlearn" the poor dietary habits that I was "Conditioned" to follow by my Family and society as a whole.
    Thank you Dr. Ekberg for being my guiding light in the darkness!
    I feel better when I eat REAL food. I guess you truly are what you eat?

  6. Again you Got many points right, but since humans are Islander Spezies, we never hand such things as root veg or meat or milk in our diet early on. What we had was fruit year round, Fish maybe aswell. So ur main intakte of food should be fruit. Its easy digestable, the most nuritional food you could get, aswell as helping your body to heal. But your absolutly right in the point that you should eat everything as close as raw. Aswell as the fact that humans never should eat 50% of their diet as grains, it literally Kills you, slowly but surely.

  7. eating good food in US? Not today… A dozen of pasture raised organic eggs here, in North East , around $8 Who can afford it ? Son of Rockefeller ?

  8. I've watched a good few of your videos recently, and your obvious physical fitness is a compelling reason to take seriously what you advocate. I would love to know not only what foods you avoid but more importantly I would love to know specifically what you advise everyone to eat every day. Specifically, I'd love to know what YOUR diet consists of. What do YOU eat and drink every day?

    Another point I wonder about… You often talk about what a normal diet was like hundreds of years ago (excluding the very rich), and you stress how much more wholesome food was before everything became processed, with added this and added that to make up for everything was taken out. But I also think it's indisputable that the average life span is, today, well over twice what it was a couple of centuries ago. What accounts for this? Does modern medicine keep us alive, whereas in the past we should all be dead by now? Given a choice to eat "Paleo" and die at 45, or possibly live in reasonably good health until 90, I think I know what my choice would be.

  9. This theory is correct if our history timeline is also accurate. But there is no guarantee for that. Maybe some humans were also created in a lab, 100 or 200 years ago with new DNA. How can we know for sure. Also nowdays you may live in Europe but have Asian or African ancenstors so maybe local foods are not good for you and you may have to buy from immigrants markets. I think the best method is to fast and then experiment. Taking notice of what types of foods you crave and see how they make you feel and if there are any side effects.

  10. Everyone says "seasonal" . I'm not a farmer how am I supposed to know whats in season? What if its in season locally but its sources from somewhere else, does that matter?

  11. I think Bill Gates and his anti meat cronies need to listen to this video! Saying cows cause global warming and meat eaters and keto followers are causing it. BS ! . Bill Gates Microsoft factorys cause way more pollution and global warming than cows. Massive amounts of animals have been on earth for millions of years. Gates and big corporations want people to eat their poison engineered meats and food so they can get rich and keep people sick. DON'T eat engineered meats and foods, eat unadulterated natural whole foods and stay healthy.

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