If Great Is Possible, Good Is Not Enough

Children often twist their nose up, when their parents compare them to their classmate and say, “try getting the highest mark like him,” but kids, you don’t realize that their intention is not to make you feel low, but to help attain your best. If you are not at par with another person of your age, it is not because you are less intelligent, but maybe because you are not putting your best efforts.

Besides parents, this passion for perfection and doing the finest possible is there in all of us. Many children themselves, are not satisfied with a second rank in anything, they want to be the first.

What leads us to this belief, that good is not enough, great efforts are required?

Psychologically, one who is moving towards a particular direction is doing so because he wants to move away from its opposite one. That is, if a person strives for perfection, it means that he has an inherent feeling, that he is not perfect, there are shortcomings in him/her, and that are not acceptable, so he constantly works harder towards achieving the best possible thing he/she can.

This lack of self-contentment positively motivates a person to always do better.

If you are easily satisfied with yourself or your work, you tend to become lazy, and laid back, which will no longer keep your future works even up to the mark. When you keep trying, you improve yourself day by day, if you stop trying, your quality gradually deters.

How to do your best in everything?

“If there were some ways for you to download decades of my experience in the business world and sort through the individuals who have had great success bringing real products to market, you’d find something very interesting. You’d find a lot of competent, talented, smart, ingenious, driven people who work very hard at their jobs. And the one thing they care about most, is helping to deliver ground-breaking products and services that customers prefer over the competition… also, a specific area of functional expertise… Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is a coder; so is Google CEO Larry Page, and was Bill Gates. Steve Jobs was more of a marketing genius. Likewise, Starbucks founder Howard Schultz has a head for marketing. Apple’s current CEO Tim Cook is an operations’ guy,” says Steve Tobak, Author and Managing Partner, Invisor Consulting.

Choose your field of work carefully: Assess yourself carefully to find out your passion, your talent, and your special abilities. Once you know what you love to do, and what you are best at doing, you can always do your best in it. Moreover, your love for the work, will motivate you to do the best.

Give yourself a new challenge each day: Set a fresh goal at the beginning of each day, for your work. The goal should be challenging, so that in the process of achieving it, you have to surpass what you have done last day. This will take more effort, but will give you new learning as well.

Keep practicing your skills: Even if you are not busy professionally with your abilities, do not let them rust. Use your free time in developing your knowledge. Read more about your skills and keep practicing for developing them further. Practice makes perfect, a very old saying.

Your competitor should be you, and or the world: Always try to put your work to the world-class level. Compete with yourself not with others.

Develop integrity and honesty: Working with honesty is important, and to remain honest for lifetime work, is not an easy task. Keep to your principles, never compromise with your abilities, and this will help you grow as a person, and develop an integrity, with which you can achieve your goals. It will give you the hunger for more.

Integrity will help you keep promises to yourself and others: Commitment in work is a very important factor. If you set a deadline for delivery, try to abide by it always.

Give up your credit when you are craving for it: You will be identified for your work and abilities; you do not need to take credit for other’s work or at wrong places, when you do not deserve it. (but may be wanting it) Focus more on your work to do your best.

Get up, if you are fallen: A person cannot keep getting success at a stretch, “you always don’t get what you want in life,” says Prakash Padukone, ex-badminton player. Face your failures, rise from the ashes and fight back to show the best of your skills. In other words, don’t let your failures break you; don’t brood over them; instead, use them to motivate yourself for doing better.

Set your targets right: It is good to strive for the best, for perfection, but refrain yourself, from setting impractical, fictitious goals that you cannot achieve, for e.g. People go to the moon, I will go to the sun. (now this is impossible, because if you reach the sun, you will burn and melt:/) So use your wisdom to evaluate your qualities; accept that no one is perfect, so perfection is a myth. So set your goals properly, so that failure to achieve them, do not disappoint you, because this kind of disappointment can lead to shattering of self-confidence and professional depression.

Once you are imbibing the above principles in your life, you can put your best efforts into anything, that you do. You can do great and not just good. Believe in yourself, and that you can do it; sky is the limit.

Source by Oyindrila Basu

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