Improve Your Cheerleading Jump – Commit Yourself To Practicing

If you want to improve your jumps for cheerleading you must decide you are going to dedicate yourself to it. Commit yourself to practicing till you get it right working on your strength and improving your flexibility. You can spend time everyday working on your flexibility because it is a low impact workout on your body so don’t neglect this.

If you can work yourself up to about 30 minutes a day doing stretching you will find yourself being able to perform stunts like splits and herkies much more effortlessly. You do not necessarily have to do your stretch for 30 minutes straight; you can break it up into more manageable smaller increments if it works better for you. You can do them at practice or even watching television.

The best stretches to use are the ones that best simulate what you do cheering. Otherwise any type of stretching you do will be of great benefit. Many start out already having some flexibility, but if this is not you don’t worry. You will notice a big difference after only a few weeks time, learn to extend the stretch a little bit more each time and improvements will come fast.

Having great flexibility will go a long way toward helping your jumps but it takes more than that. You need to work on your strength, especially your legs. And work on improving your technique, this is a very important part to having beautiful jumps. Be determined and practice consistently and you will see yourself making great gains.

Source by Tim A.

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