Independent Thinking Begins With Healthy Self Esteem

Independent thinking is a powerful personal and professional life skill. An independent thinker knows how to make wise choices and well thought out decisions and then, has the inner confidence to follow through with the choices and decisions they have made.

Where does this self-confidence to think proactively and independently begin? It begins with healthy self-esteem. Healthy self-esteem allows you the inner confidence to believe in yourself and your ability to know what is best in any given situation.

Independent thinkers are not stubborn or “loners” or nonconformists.

Independent thinkers are able to use their inner confidence and unstoppable belief in themselves to:

  • Think creatively
  • Set and achieve goals that will take them positively forward
  • Contribute actively as a team player and leader
  • Be proactive with their choices and their lives.

One thing I know for sure is that the choices you’re making today can, and probably will, have a lasting impact on the future. Independent thinking allows you control over your decisions and choices. Even small everyday choices and decisions can produce huge results. Frederick Speakman probably said it best when he said, “Decisions determine destiny.”

When you think about it, can you see how learning to think independently can become a powerful personal and professional life-building and business-building skill?

Here’s the really good news: Being an independent thinker is a learned skill. When it comes to making smart decisions you have choices – you can decide to either be proactive and an independent thinker or reactive and follow the crowd. Proactive thinking is when you weigh your options and then have the self-confidence to take the appropriate action. Reactive thinking on the other hand means responding to a situation and often times leaving your fate to others.

Being reactive can take away your personal power and chip away at your self-esteem. Being proactive can give you the ability to think things through, weigh your options and make smart well-educated decisions. Living proactively begins with an unwavering belief in your ability to know what is best for your current situation and that belief begins with healthy self-esteem.

I have found from personal experience that when your self-esteem is strong and healthy, you are more likely to trust your judgment and think independently. The healthier your self-esteem the more willing you are to believe in yourself as a capable decision maker. Independent thinking and wise choices begin with a strong inner self-confidence and that self-confidence begins with healthy self-esteem. Are you an independent thinker?

Source by Sharon A. Michaels

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