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Insulin resistance diet is confusing because people say EAT HIGH CARB then EAT LOW CARB to lower your insulin. If you are trying to prevent or reverse insulin resistance which is better? Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes is covered in this video on what they should eat and why. Dr. Sten Ekberg explains exactly why fat is not the problem, and why people have success with both high and low carb diets. Here is the video I am responding to


🔷 Real Doctor Reacts To The Game Changers:

🔷 Real Doctor Reacts To MCT & Coconut Oil Claims:

🔷 Real Doctor Reacts To Intermittent Fasting comment by Jillian Michaels:

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  1. This is what happened to me! It all was great in the beginning of my rawfood diet.. BUT… that only lasted for a while. And during a 10year period it all slowly got worse again though I ate healthy organic foods.. now after watching your videos I understood why! offcause I went awesome in the beginning. I stopped junk food and my body started to notice nutrition instead of sandwiches. But all the honey and fruits wasn't good for me. I had an aweful insulin mood and aweful hormonal issues.

  2. Dr.sten, can I eat egg drop soup and still be in keto or low carb menu? I am a type 2 diabetic with insulin resistant. Can I eat eggs because they are high in cholesterol. I'm confused 🤔

  3. Please provide complete table to reverse my diabetes ..I am sixty three years old I am on tablets since 1992 ….I can take fat without any problem other health problem

  4. I think, where you absolutely win the debate is when you asked the question, "How did the cow get that saturated fat in her system?" That was as strong as battery acid. That IS the nail in the coffin because they cannot impugn saturated fat at that point. You scored a total win with this video, Doctor Ekberg! Great job!

  5. Thank you for this video! I found it to be very balanced in the explaining the varying points of view regarding plant based eating vs. Keto or very low carb diets.

  6. I think this video is an excellent illustration of why I take advice from younger health "influencers" with that grain of Salt.
    My younger body tolerated and seemed to thrive on my "clean" high carb lifestyle. My older body is now paying that price.
    I'll take an older, fit, health advisor anyday.
    Add post menopausal changes, and the young ladies and men and most men in general can take a hike.

  7. I recently found you and I thank God. I have watched 5 to 6 of your videos and the way you show the science makes sense to me!!! I've recently been diagnosed with pre diabetic and high cholesterol. Put on stains for that,which I hate! The way you respectfully disagreed with him was wise and kind. 😊 That shows your integrity and knowledge of the diabetic disease. I will try your suggestions and pray for good results. Thank You for your wisdom. New subscriber and follower for life.

  8. So I am 80 and keep active and fast, and eat with keto in mind, my A1C is about 5 and I am still sexually active, so AM I WASTING MY TIME TO KEEP EXERCISING since I am over 80? Also should I stop being funny?

  9. Cows don't eat fat and are fat, pork doesn't it fat but it is fat, bears eat mostly veggies and are fat , elephants don't eat fat …. salmon doesn't eat fat but it is fat etc….. Tigers, Lions, Pumas, Cats eat only meat and fat and are lean …. So simple and clear ….

  10. I love your video. I am Apple shaped, 59 years old, and diabetes number 2 runs in my family. Sugar is terrible for everyone. They have known this for 200 years. When people were very active, they just worried about the dentist. I am afraid of loosing limbs and eye sight because of sugar and bleached flour. It is worst than smoking and cancer. I am glad you are helping me and other people in such a big way.

  11. Very nice presentation. For me, it's the sugars and refinedprocessed carbs that are the problem. I especially appreciated the "How did the fat get into the cell" comment and subsequent explanation.

  12. live example 4 years ago, i ate first class expensive healthy diet, but high in carbs,suddenly blood pressure one day went up insanely with normal fasting glucose,all MD even a nephropathy voted to take BP med, and statins,(i have formal medical education too,that,s all we all knew)). Now 7 month of your recommendation, all problems including arthritis gone even look younger to boot

  13. Absolutely doctor, its so easy to feel full with low carb diet, cravings disappeared. I can go from 6 pm to 12 noon fasting so easy! Before I was soo hungry all the time with constant carb eating! It felt like being addicted, cravings were so strong I almost could do anything for a fix!
    I probably could not sustain keto diet. for long but low carb diet under 100 gr per day is a winner for me! Of course you have to watch calories, you dont just chump down a butter stick and call it a day😂

  14. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! This is the lecture worth millions, gratitude is not enough for this minefield of most important information. Thank you for not stopping.

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