Insulin Resistance Test (Best Test for IR & Stubborn Weight Loss) Homa-IR

Insulin Resistance Test (Best Test for IR & Stubborn Weight Loss) Homa-IR. Learning to reverse Insulin resistance is important as insulin resistance is linked to the majority of modern diseases: obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease. If you are overweight you probably have an insulin resistance issue even if your blood glucose and A1c levels are normal. By finding out your insulin levels you can see if your body is insulin resistant or insulin sensitive. If you are insulin resistant it is possible that you will become a diabetic. Learn more about the Homa-IR test and what Insulin resistance means in this video. Dr. Ekberg answers the question why do I have insulin resistance but normal A1c or normal glucose? When you don’t see a high A1c or glucose level it is considered sub-clinical. Later, if nothing is done, it will progress to clinical and then a disease. In some cases, it takes 10 years for insulin resistance to turn into diabetes, so it is best to understand what is going on so you can do something now to prevent diabetes. The best test to identify insulin resistance is a fasting insulin test, which is different than a fasting glucose test or an A1c test.



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  1. Hi, always a great pleisure to learm from You ! Just one question, I founded this formula for HOMA: HOMA Index = (blood glucose x insulin) / 22.5 (where blood glucose is expressed in mmol / L and insulin in mU / L), different numbers than your formula …and the normal range is 0.23-2.25; wich unit of measurements do you use ? It might be the reason for the differences ? Thanks

  2. Thank you Dr. for the information. Is there another name for fasting insuline test? My husband asked his Dr for fasting insuline test and the Dr said they did not do that. His fasting glucose was 101 and his A1c 5.5. Any feedback is greatly appreciated 😊

  3. Hello everybody. My name is Nick and I live in Greece. I am 40 years old. In 2016 (at the age of 35) for the first time in my life I start feeling discomfort in my stomach. I was very athletic with a height of 169cm and weight 69kgr and no hereditary history health problems.
    In 2017 i had a kiddney infection, stoped excercise because of discofort in stomach, I had intesting bloatin, feeling tired and start getting weight.
    2018 same symptoms and i found out that I had a fatty liver.
    2019 the worst year, I had almost gained 10kgr already, I could not sleep at night and some times my body temperarure was rising for a whille for no reason.
    2020 I start looking for myself in the internet to find what was wrong with me because all my efforts to determine the problem with varius doctors did not pay of.
    at that same year I did some blood test with the following results:
    SGPT 121 U/L (should be under 42)
    fasting glucose: 95 mg/dl
    LDH: 176 U/L
    HbA1c: 5.5
    all other parameters was in the normal range.

    2021 I found Dr Ekberg and by May of 2021 I gave it a go (assuming I had an insuline problem). So I cut out sugars/fruits/carbs and started Intermittent Fasting with some HIIT. I almost fainted but I kept going. In a month, by June of 2021, I lost 5 kgs, most of the discomfort was gone, I could sleep and I literally could smell fat in my urine.

    I think I belong to the special case. Today (7 of December 2021) I did a blood sugar/insulin test with 75gr of glucose with the following results:
    SGPT 18 U/L
    Trigl 47 mg/dl
    Tchol 182 mg/dl
    HDL 65 mg/dl
    LDL 109 mg/dl
    LDH 135 U/L
    HbA1c: 5.4

    Fasting state:
    Glucose 96mg/dl – Insulin 22 μIU/ml

    1 hour after taking 75gr of glucose:
    Glucose 151 mg/dl – Insulin 320 μIU/ml

    2 hours after taking 75gr of glucose:
    Glucose 70 mg/dl – Insulin 40 μIU/ml
    HOMA-IR 5.2 (?)

    Thank you for helping adress my health problem. Please, if you find the time, advise me what to do next. Much obliged. Sorry for my bad english.

  4. Can 99 (my Glu) be lowered by diet? I had my blood work done. My Dr said everything looked good but when I got my paperwork in the mail my glu was 99, my HCT was 46.3, my EGFR was 60, my BUN was 24. So I quit sugar, really watching your videos changed my diet etc. Am I a gonner? P.S. she did tell me that my cholesterol was high (269) and LDL (191) and prescribed a statin drug which I didn't get filled 😉 I would love to make apt at your clinic~I imagine you are full?

  5. Dr. Ekberg you are a great teacher and motivator. You have motivated me to try Low Carb with IF to reduce IR. 8 weeks in and 12 lbs lighter. I moved from 3MAD to 2MAD with healthy food and feel good. I am confused about one point in your presentation. On the right side of the screen it shows: FG – 100, Insulin – 20 with a 6.2 HOMA-IR. Am I missing something or should it be: (100×20)/405 = 4.9 ?

    Bless you for helping so many of us to understand exactly why we suffer from IR and how to fix it.

  6. Hello dr. Ekberg, and thank's a lot for your work! Because of it, I decided to test my insulin resistance, and to my BIG surprise, I got a Homa-IR score of 16,7 (115 gluocose and 58.8 insulin, 5,3% A1c). Isn't this a little to out of the range value? Could it be a error in the blood test? Of course I will repeat it, but meanwhile I'm puzzled. Not very much knowledge on low-carb or keto/IF here in Romania, at least in the medical sector. Do you work with abroad clients at your clinic (i mean on-line, or something like that)?
    Anyway, because of how and what you are teaching, I decided to improve the way I eat. Best regards, Walter

  7. I was 11.4% A1C in May. No meds. Keto diet + intermittent fasting. I had lost 25 Kgs. Lot of exercises (almost 200 km of run per month) + weights and now in few months my A1C is 5.4%, insuline 3,48 and fasting glucose 103. Your videos are the best content that helped me to remission. Thank you Sten

  8. I know this video is old, but I'm going to try asking this anyway. Can you get enough information with just a diabetic glucose meter to know if I need the other test? (My mom was a diabetic and there's an old meter there, and Idon't want to go that route)

  9. Hi, Dr. Ekberg. I am learning so much from you. Thank you. I actually had my fasting insulin tested yesterday (ordered the test myself). Does the FG number have to be measured on the same day as the IR test? I also had a complete liver panel test. No results yet. One of my brothers has DM2, and a nephew has DM1. I am using myself as an experiment so I can help them change their lifestyles with evidence from my own experience. Stating low carb, moderate protein, and high fat tomorrow. Thanks again for all the good content. I hope you see this and can answer my question.

  10. I have been diabetic type 2 for a long time due to a lifetime of carb abuse, and this year decided to do something other than take meds. I have now been on a severe low carb diet (<10 gm/day on average) for nearly 7 months. My recent HOMA-IR test showed fasting glucose of 128 and fasting insulin of 2.7, HOMA-IR = 0.85, so no more insulin resistance. My questions are, why then am I still hyperglycemic (110-160)? Why is insulin toward the low end of normal when glucose is above normal? Is my pancreas failing? If not, what more should I do?

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