Intermittent Fasting For Massive Weight Loss

Wanting to lose a massive amount of weight fast? Intermittent fasting could be your answer. No matter if you are trying to get started or if you are stuck on a plateau, this video will move your weight loss journey into high gear.

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  1. God Bless you Dr Ekberg 🙏 following you since 6 months saved my life I am a DIABETIC patient since more than 20 years I also have blood pressure problems and suffered 2 mini strokes in the last 2 years (without sequel) I have 3 blocked arteries on left hemisphere of my brain (20% , 5% and 5%) I was becoming an ambulant pharmacy a thing which deteriorated my overall health due to counter indications and multiple inflammation ! Then I discovered you Dr Ekberg and I started meticulously follow your guidance since 6 months and the Miracle occurred 🙏 it was gradual but I started feeling my health amelioration after third month then I started dropping my Diabetes medicine progressively (3 of them) think God I no longer need to take any medicin as my Diabetes has been reversed by keto diet /intermittent fasting and daily exercising (walk jogging sprint bicycling and swimming) my Blood pressure is now perfect but I am still taking B.P medecine as I am afraid stopping it might affect my Cardiovascular problem and Mocular degeneration which I am suffering from although even that is now substantially better (probably thanks to intermittent fasting /keto diet/exercising which is cleansing and regenerating my Body. I once again would like to Thank you Dr Ekberg 🙏 You are a respectable Man who deserve to have the Nobel price for Medicine. God Bless you

  2. I totally get this plan. I sort'a do it already, but have some questions. Is "skipping a meal" zero calories? I enjoy a touch of coffee creamer in the morning (not near what they consider a serving) and I like a glass of bourbon in the evening. Again, not crazy amounts just to sip on for half an hour. How do these fit with fasting? I'm 53, 5'9" and 174 lbs (prefer 165) and in good health. Thx

  3. Thank you DR Ekberg. Very good video. I started IF about a month ago. So far, I'm down 6 lbs and never looking back to eating 6 times a day again!

  4. Very well said..thank you so much doc..highly appreciated this is my third week of intermittent fasting ang low carb diet..i am 58 yrs.old and 27 years of being diabetic..15 urs

  5. I started with 16:8 and my regular eating; then went to 18:6 and lower carb; then 20:4 and LCHF. At this point I have lost 28 lbs. and I’m starting to long for OMAD. I love fewer meals, less cooking, less cleanup and less shopping for less money. I love it!

  6. I'm a few weeks into the low carb high fat lifestyle. One thing I notice is that my body now tells me I'm full. I rarely manage to eat everything on my plate.

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