Intermittent Fasting – How Many Carbs A Day To Survive?

Intermittent Fasting – How Many Carbs A Day To Survive? Keto & Intermittent Fasting macros have something in common that relates to carbohydrates. Never heard of before Dr. Ekberg figured out that there is direct relationship between the number of carbs in a keto diet and intermittent fasting that happen in the body. This has never been discussed before, that we know of.

You hear all the time how important carbs are. People think you need carbohydrates to survive, but you do you? We get tons of comments about why people need carbs, but a lot of people are going with very low carbs and you will find out why.

A lot of people have had success with getting into ketosis, but do you understand why? There are some people who are scared to eat a ketogenic diet. Dr Ekberg explains with math why keto and intermittent fasting are part of the body’s natural and healthy way to be.



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  1. That’s through evolution not Devine intervention trial and error over time, right. That’s our insurance that we can survive between meals . That’s incredible ☮️

  2. Thank you ‘voice of reason’, non-nonsense, Dr. Elbert for breaking down the complex science into small more assimilable bites for us mortals. You (and the handful of other Real Doctors out there) are the closest thing to weapons of mass salvation I’ve ever seen. Thank you Thank you Thank you for sharing your empowering wisdom ! ! Xoxo

  3. Taking care of yourself is to extend your later years which will be the worst years of your life both mentally and physically. Those who take care of themselves and those who don't are separated by an extended life span to end up in a nursing home and to live through the deterioration of the body and mind.

  4. Brilliant calculation!!
    I don't think any textbook indicated that during utilisation of pure neutral fat, the exact amount of essential energy is generated from carbohydrates because of the metabolism of glycerol, the backbone of neutral fat.
    You discovered great truth of nature.
    Nature created molecules which are most perfect.

  5. Blown mind here, been on this (hidden) health path since 2015 when I started listening to podcast of 'the two keto dudes'… very light on science but hard and heavy on personalities (small pun intention).

    after following dozens of pioneers in this arena, you sir have become my GO-TO resource for clear, relatable, and accurate facts on how my body operates – you are like an owners manual for sustenance processing science.

    than you sir and blessings to your tribe!

  6. A presentation that dispels the myths that are being told by many anti Keto anti low carb people who are always basing these diets. More and more of them are emerging to stir up doubt and confusion. We have to be firmly grounded and not pay attention to these carb pushing propagandists.

  7. So mind blowing…this is one of the best videos I've seen.
    And before this one I saw that one where u r talking about ratios 75/20/5…so all made sence….
    But, as I m a geek as well I m gonna rerun this video and watch it once more..

  8. I have no idea how paleontologists arrived at their estimate but some claim that during the Ice Age, in a geographical area with which you are likely familiar, the average consumption of plants was about one cup per annum.

  9. I’m interested in doing intermittent fad road the next step. I went into this keto diet without any expectations but am amazed at how much better I feel in general. I’m losing weight sure but I have noticed other improvements I never would have imagined. I broke my glasses last week and put on an older pair I had just in case for a temporary measure while I get them fixed. However I don’t think I need to get them fixed as I see perfectly fine with the older ones! Is it possible that your eyesight can improve as well? Because it sure seems like that’s the case with me. My glasses that broke were about two years old. I had kept an older pair about four years old around for emergency. I seem to see better wearing the older pair! And here I was thinking I need to get my eyes tested for new lenses!!

  10. Question:
    Where do you stand on almond flour products?
    I do not eat sugars or grains and have used items like almond flour tortillas by Siete.
    There’s only 10 carbs per tortilla and contains healthy ingredients.
    I know 10 carbs is pretty good, but does the kind of carbs matter?

  11. The body is a masterpiece made by GOD!!! That is why. Give Him ALL the glory. Thank you Dr Ekberg for helping me to understand how it works. Your videos have helped me so much. Carbs=hungrier, fat=feel fuller/eat less. Love IF, I do struggle with wanting snacks, but I’m not hungry it’s just a habit. ACV and MCT are amazing!

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