Intermittent Fasting vs Eating 6 Meals A Day For Best Fat Burning

Intermittent Fasting vs Eating 6 Meals A Day For Best Fat Burning. There is a lot of confusion about intermittent fasting, IF, people think it is all about calories for losing weight and weight loss, but even more important is the timing of those calories. The body responses differently hormonally depending on how often you eat. In this video you will understand exactly how the timing and the fasting period affects insulin. Learn how to lose weight with intermittent fasting and less effort.



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  1. You earned my sub with this lecture. Thank you for going in depth on everything. I'm starting my intermittent fasting journey for health reasons and this helped me understand what my body will be going through.

  2. My big issue with eating 1 or 2 meals a day is that I need to get 4000 calories a day, that's a 1000 calorie deficit. So eating 4000 calories in one meal or 2000 for 2 meals seems like it would be challenging to do. I could easily do it while eating junk but if I'm trying to eat healthy foods then not so easy.

  3. Simple and crystal clear explanation..for couple of months im trying to be vegan and want to do omad..i eat vegetables bread and white that fine? How can my body have energy throughout the day and for 22 hrs as i dont eat eggs milk or animal protein?

  4. It’s nice to have an explanation of the mechanism, but I wonder if there are any studies comparing IF and other dietary choices in practice, looking at metabolism throughout the day. Fasting gives me headaches and low energy. I can’t imagine my metabolism doesn’t drop during these fasting periods.

  5. You explain so well the effects of insulin on fat storage in this video. I have watched your videos for several months and have followed your advice. I am proud to say that you have helped me shed almost forty pounds and have given me back my life! Thank you so much Dr. Ekberg!

  6. 6 meals though? Why 6 meals? What about 6 meals 8 hour window?

    You have explained this ridiculous situation very well.

    People have done well on three meals a day for years. Don't have to eat foods that cause massive insulin spikes every meal or eat 6 of them. I've lost massive amounts of weight (121kg down to 75kg) and kept it off for years by eating moderate carb breakfast with eggs, 2 slice bread salad lean protein lunch, meat and vegetable dinner. Sometimes I would eat an apple or some protein mid morning after the gym. Never ate anything after 530 pm. Never counted or weighed any food. Never plateaued. I probably did IF by default. 14-15 hours a day. But I still ate multiple meals.

    You can see how this situation makes a complex issue too simple surely?

  7. I want to eat OMAD, my body push me to it but I have read this likely causes hypothyroidism in women over 40 years old like me and that they should eat 2 meals a day! what do you say to this view! 1 video for this please?

  8. I wonder if this applies to children as well. When I was growing up, especially when I was very little, my parents couldn't afford a lot of snacks. We had one small snack around 2 in the afternoon, and then dinner at 7:00 at night. I could eat four plates of food at dinner time as a child, because that was the only real meal I had in a day, and I also spent the whole day playing outside and burning calories. Nowadays, I see my family members who have little kids and the kids get tiny snacks the whole day, and the kids never eat much in one meal. I haven't noticed any of them overweight, but it's still interesting how different they eat as children, compared to how I ate.

  9. Is there any subtitles in russian? I'd really like to show it to my parents, but they dont understand english.

    I really love the graf visualisation, finally made a click of my understanding how insulin in our bodies works. Thank you very much!

  10. Dr Ekberg your advice is fantastic and I'm seeing positive improvement in weight management, better sleeping pattern and most imp my autoimmune disease is started to curb👍👍

  11. Just found your channel, you are a wealth of information! I have learned so much in just 3 days, thank you for sharing your expert knowledge with the 🌎

  12. dr Sten, i am am just trying to understand: i asked a 40 years experience surgeon about the topic in this video, ad he said literally "we are made to eat 5 -6 times per day and you can get in trouble by having ketones too high" . However it makes more sense to me your teachings.Why regular doctors say that , is just ignorance and popular science and lack of investigation?

  13. Great breakdown of the processes involved. I'm curious how this applies to regular (and fairly intense) exercise. With the lower carb intake, wouldn't that mean less energy one's body can access for a workout? There won't be enough glycogen in the muscles and it'll take time, with less intensity, to access fat stores, correct?

    Also, with the adaptation that you mentioned regarding decreasing metabolism, does that also apply if we take into account cardio and other forms of exercise to INcrease metabolism?

    Thanks again for the video and I do hope you'll have the opportunity you reply. 🙂

  14. Hi Doctor, you are quickly becoming y favourite youtuber.

    My question is one of my other favourite youtubers, Greg Douchette, is an avid fan of eating 4-5 times a day for protein synthesis, CICO and disregards some of the hormonal effects with respect to weight loss. He also recommends running over walking for burning fat. Are you able to review some of his videos because I am getting confused about the opposing information.

    Thank you in advance.

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